10 Million Downloads For Angry Birds Space In Just Three Days


10 Million Downloads For Angry Birds Space In Just Three Days

It looks like Rovio have done it again with the latest title of the Angry Birds series. It’s called Angry Birds Space and it was downloaded more than 10 million times in just three days. The game can be downloaded and installed on Android devices or on iPhones and iPads.

The smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone haven’t received the new Angry Birds Space as something wired happened on the way. It was initially announced that Rovio won’t publish the game in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, but after some mails and phone calls were made Rovio said today that WP7 Marketplace will soon receive Angry Birds Space.

I’ve installed and played Angry Birds Space on my smartphone, as well. It’s a little bit different than the other Angry Birds titles. Now you will have to be careful about the gravitational attraction and zero gravity moments. Some interesting add-ons have been introduced in Angry Birds Space, but I won’t spoil it for you and I’ll let you test it yourself, if you aren’t already one of the 10 million users who already downloaded it.

Rovio plans to launch 4 more games this year and it seems that Angry Birds won’t be the only franchise they will develop. It was rumored that the company managed to earn $1 million per month out of Android ads – which apparently brings more money than  the purchase of the game, like in App Store. I’ve also seen that Angry Birds Space can be downloaded on Macbooks at $4.99. The iPhone version has a price of $0.99, if you own an iPad you would have to pay $2.99 to download Angry Birds Space, while the Android-powered device owners can have it for free.

Now I am 100% sure. Rovio have done it again and this new Angry Birds title have brought them even more million dollars. No wonder they want to develop other games, too. If they become at least half as popular as Angry Birds is, then the guys at Rovio would have to count even more million dollars.

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