Sharp And LG To Supply More iPad Retina Displays In Q2 2012


Sharp And LG To Supply More iPad Retina Displays In Q2 2012

DigiTimes journalists said that both Sharp and LG have started to produce a small of displays for the new iPad / iPad 3. Soon after Apple introduced the new iPad at the San Francisco-based it was reported that Samsung is the only Retina Display supplier, because the quality of the Sharp and LG products haven’t met the standards requested by the Cupertino-based company.

It seems that Sharp and LG finally managed to improve their production standards and beginning with Q2 2012 the two companies will start shipping Retina Displays for Apple. As you probably know, the one month-old iPad amazed everyone with its 9.7-inch Retina Display which has a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, pixel density of 264 ppi, LED-backlid IPS TFT.

There have been complains reporting that the new iPad has some issues displaying graphics and screen areas going yellow. Of course, the issue appeared on several iPad units and it’s most likely to be a factory fault of the Retina Display. The price for the 16 GB iPad WiFi-only model is $499 while the new iPad 4G LTE has a price of $625 for the 16 GB model.

Samsung and Apple are have signed partnership deals to increase their income, even though they are involved in a patent war. I strongly believe that in the near future the two giant companies will reach an agreement especially now that Tim Cook have took Job’s CEO position, who had a harsher attitude in the wars against the competition, compared to Tim Cook who is cynical and profit orientated.

Even though it was first rumored that neither LG nor Sharp will supply the Retina Display for the new iPad, one of LG’s officials said that the company he works for already shipped displays for Apple’s new iOS tablet.

Anyway, we’ll see how Sharp and LG will handle the situation in the near future when their displays will be fitted on the new iPad and if there are any differences between the Retina Displays manufactured by Samsung and those made by LG and Sharp.

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