iOS 6 Will Not Be Launched At WWDC 2012


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WWDC or World Wide Developers Conference is an annual event held by Apple, where the company’s engineers showcase new software and teach developers how to build better and more attractive applications.

Until last year’s edition WWDC was known as the event where Apple introduced the iOS major updates and the new iPhone terminals. But last year Apple have focused their attention on Mac OS X and it seem’s that this year’s event will also be dedicated to their computer operating system, as OS X Mountain Lion will be released at WWDC 2012.

Last year WWDC was scheduled on June 6th, but rumor has it that this year the conference will be held between June 11th – June 15th. In Moscone Center calendar, the place where Apple is usually holding the WWDC, the June 11th – June 15th time frame is the only one booked for a single event. Of course we aren’t 100% sure that Apple made the booking, but we should find out when WWDC 2012 will take place sometime in May.

A lot of rumors saying that the new iOS 6 will be launched at WWDC event in San Francisco have surfaced on the tech blogs lately. Although many say that Apple will launch the new iOS version at the San Francisco-based conference, the last year’s WWDC showed us that Apple wants to make the Mac OS X the headline of the event, thus I strongly believe that we won’t be ale to see the iOS 6 nor the next-gen iPhone in June.

The launch of the major iOS versions are closely related to the launch o fa new iPhone model and Apple won’t launch the iOS 6 without the sixth generation iPhone and the WWDC’s focal point won’t be the launch of Apple’s mobile operating system. The above information don’t come from an “internal source,” it isn’t a lucky guess, just an educated opinion based on the pattern of previous Apple releases.

On the other hand I am sure that Apple will showcase the beta version of iOS 5 at WWDC 2012, but the final version of the mobile operating system will only be published in Q3 2012, synchronized with the launch of the iPhone 5. For the time being no one outside Apple knows the new features iOS 6 will introduce, but maybe WWDC will bring new details about the new major update of Apple’s mobile operating system.

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