US Army Launches Application Marketplace For iOS


US Army Launches Application Marketplace For iOS

The US Army is probably one of the most high-tech in the world and may of its soldiers are using smartphones and tablets during missions or when at base. In order to make their work easier, the US Army have launched an online app store that includes 12 special training applications developed for Apple’s iOS platform.

In the near future, the Army Software Marketplace will also include applications for other platforms, as well, but for the time being only the iOS was targeted. Their decision to debut the Marketplace on iOS was probably influenced by the large number of Apple devices the US soldiers currently own.

The software marketplace can be accessed using the web browser, but for the time being it’s just a prototype and it will be designed in order to allow the US soldiers to download and install the applications they need to better train themselves.

The US Army’s idea is interesting, especially because it will allow the third party developers to include their own applications in the Army Software Marketplace, and since there are more than 3.2 million employees in the Army Network many of the iOS developers will be interested in creating applications for them.

The Apple’s iPhone is currently world’s best selling smartphone model and the iPad leads the tablet market, thus it’s obvious why the US Army chose the iOS platform as the debut mobile operating system for their application. Moreover, the Americans always chose iOS over other mobile systems, thus the Cupertino-based company’s platform leads the US market.

We’ll see how the Army Software Market project will develop in the near future and whether the third-party developers will focus their efforts on the newly-launched marketplace. Maybe we will soon see this prototype launched for other platforms, too, so the soldiers that down’t own an iDevice can enjoy the training apps.

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