iOS 5.1 Code Suggests iPhone 5 Will Have 4G LTE Support


iOS 5.1 Code Suggests iPhone 5 Will Have 4G LTE Support

The launch of the new iPad tablet have made everyone believe that the successor of iPhone 4S, unofficially touted as iPhone 5, will come with support for 4G LTE networks, because Apple made a tradition out of taking the hardware components of their latest tablet release and place them inside the next-generation iPhone.

Until now the rumors have surfaced based on the pattern of the previous Apple releases specifications, but iOS 5.1 has some clues that suggest that Apple could be testing an iPhone with 4G LTE capabilities. Certain code lines inside iOS 5.1 have been introduced to notify the users that they enable a 4G connections, that they start a call via 4G or that they turn off the 4G connection which may result into Facetime ending.

Previous rumors were indicating that Apple’s iPhone 5 might come with support for 4G LTE, but few were those who thought that the Cupertino-based company will allow Facetime calls via 4G. Apple’s nomenclature calls the HSPA+ networks in US “4G,” but iPhone 4/4S isn’t warning the users that Facetime would end if the internet connection is disabled, so the messages might be meant for iPhone 5.

Yesterday we talked about iPhone 5′s display, as some Asian sources said that the maker of iPhone have submitted an order for 4.6-inch displays and that the next-gen iOS smartphone will be introduced around Q2 2012.

Judging by Apple’s habit of including their tablet’s hardware into the next smartphone release, then the iPhone 5 will feature a dual-core A5X chipset, 1GB of RAM and 4G LTE support. As about new iPhone’s display, the same sources that spoke about the size of the display reported that it will belong to the Retina tribe.

The good news is Apple plans an iPhone with 4G LTE support. The bad news is that it will be completely useless in the countries where 4G connections are not available, which by the way are not few.

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