Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Reaches 70,000 Applications


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Reaches 70,000 Applications

At the Windows Phone 7 launch event in China, Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows Phone Marketplace has reached 70,000 applications. The Windows app store is growing at a fast rate as it has passed 50,000 apps in December 2011, while in January 2012 it reached 60,000 total apps.

An unofficial Windows Phone Marketplace tracking service revealed that this amount was reached about a couple of weeks ago, but Microsoft didn’t confirm the information. It appears that more than 300 applications are added daily at the WP Marketplace.

As Microsoft’s Simon Leung confirmed that 70,000 are available for download, it appears that more than 100,000 developers have registered to create apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The reason why the company expects an application infusion in the near future is because the Windows Phone Marketplace will become available in 28 more markets in the coming weeks. This will take the total markets from where WP7 users can buy apps to 63 markets.

However, if you currently find yourself in a country where you cannot purchase apps, you can easily modify the settings to the US, the UK, or any other country where the Windows Phone Markteplace is supported.

Even though Windows Phone 7 has just become available in China, Microsoft said that more 2,500 developers have developed an application for the platform since October 2011. Now that WP has been released in China, users will be able to enjoy the applications created by the devs.

Although it doesn’t matter whether you have 100,000 or 200,000 apps available at your marketplace, Apple and Google have always bragged about the number of apps available at the iOS App Store, respectively Play Store (formerly Android Market) therefore Microsoft will do the same thing when it achieves an important milestone.

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