iPhone 5 Rumored To Have A 4.6-inch Display, Release Date Is Q2 2012


iPhone 5 Rumored To Have A 4.6-inch Display, Release Date Is Q2 2012

Apple’s part suppliers are working hard to manufacture the parts for a new device, rumored to be the next generation iOS smartphone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5.

Rumor has it that the Cupertino-based company have submitted orders for a set of 4.6-inch displays which will be placed inside the next-gen iPhone. The list of suppliers Apple selected for the new displays probably includes names like Samsung and LG, as both manufactures had partnership deals with the US phone maker in the past.

Sources say that the successor of iPhone 4S will use a Retina Display, just like the freshly-launched Apple tablet. It seems that the 4.6-inch display of the iPhone 5 will be based on an LCD matrix with a pixel density of at least 330 ppi.

Earlier this week an Asian source said that the next generation of iOS smartphones will come with an aluminium back.

The same sources say that the new iPhone 5 will be launched sometime around the second quarter of 2012.

The new rumors come soon after it was speculated that the new iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch display, which is way bigger than the 3.5 inch format Apple used so far. The credibility of the rumors is even more questionable when looking at the mentioned iPhone 5 release date, placed only six to nine months after the introduction of iPhone 4S.

On the other hand, Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival and the South Korean company is preparing to launch their flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S III, reportedly featuring a 4.7-inch display, thus it would make sense that a possible candidate for the “Smartphone of The Year 2012″ award to come with a big display. I have a feeling that the iPhone 5 will be a “revolutionary” device. I also believe that the rumors saying that Steve Jobs wasn’t involved in the iPhone 4S project, as he was concentrating on iPhone 5 are real and that we will see a really special Apple smartphone next summer / fall. What are you expecting from the next-gen iPhone?

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