Nokia Maps 1.3 Update Now Available In Windows Phone Marketplace


Nokia Maps 1.3 Update Now Available In Windows Phone Marketplace

In order to help them recover the lost ground on the smartphone market, Nokia have signed an agreement with Microsoft, and half an year ago the Finland-based company have introduced the first Windows Phone smartphones.

At Nokia World 2011 in London, Steve Balmer, Nokia CEO, have unveiled Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, world’s first Nokia smartphones to leave the factory with Windows Phone on board. Even though Lumia 800 came with decent specifications the Nokia enthusiasts were asking questions about the flagship of the Lumia line-up.

It appeared a few months later, in Las Vegas, at CES 2012. It was the Nokia Lumia 900, it came with 4G LTE support and was designed exclusively for US market. Its global brother arrived one month later at Mobile World Congress 2012 along with the low-end model of the range, Nokia Lumia 610.

Windows Phone seems to be the life buoy for Nokia and Nokia seems to be the boost Microsoft needed on the smartphone market. The Finns and the Americans teamed-up and created a mixture of Windows Phone experience and Nokia services.

Nokia Maps is one of the Finns’ services available exclusively on Symbian devices and Lumia line-up. Now Nokia Maps reached version 1.3 and is now available for download in Windows Phone Marketplace. What is the Nokia Maps update bringing? Well, learn that Nokia extended the coverage area of their service, which now has support for some new Asian countries, as well.

Also learn that from now on the Nokia Maps users can customize their favorite places on their Windows Phone handset then pin them to the Home screen as a tile. Recently visited places and the destinations you traveled to will be attached near the Favorite area, so you ca easily access the history of recent destinations. Least, but not last, you should know that the Nokia Windows Phone smartphone owners can now share their routes and destinations via social networks.

The Nokia Maps 1.3 update comes soon after Nokia Drive 2.0, which is also available in Marketplace and now comes with offline navigation capabilities. The software also includes a “Last Destinations” feature, which allows you to choose from recently visited destinations to create a rout. The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature is now available displayed together with current speed and you can even set an audio notification for speed limit.

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