First-Gen And Second-Gen Windows 8 Tablet Makers Confirmed


First-Gen And Second-Gen Windows 8 Tablet Makers Confirmed

Nokia will miss the debut of Windows 8 in October, as the Finland-based company will launch their tablet running on Microsoft’s new operating system one month later, in November.

The rumor was spread by Digitimes and comes from an anonymous source, with connections among the part suppliers of the new tablets. The same source also unveiled the list of Windows 8 tablet manufacturers chosen by Microsoft for the launch in October.

Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo are the among the first companies to launch Windows 8 tablets, which will be available from the day the new operating system hits the market. The second wave of tablets based on ARM architecture will arrive soon after the Windows 8 launch event and Acer, ASUS and Lenovo will return with new models in early 2013. In next year’s first half Samsung, Sony an  Toshiba are expected to join the Windows 8 tribe with their own tablet models.

It’s obvious that Microsoft wants a wide range of tablets based on the Windows 8 ecosystem and will give hardware manufacturers special treatment, offering access to the new Windows 8 club to most of the important tablet makers. If the rumors were true, then Windows 8′s market share will acknowledge a rapid growth, as the support offered to the hardware manufacturers could follow the ruling similar to the one applied on the traditional PC market, where Microsoft doesn’t decide the list of tolerated companies.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s strategy won’t be able to close the gap between the ARM and x86 tablets, capable of running the desktop version of Windows 8. The main reason is that the users of the ARM tablets, the only ones capable of competing on a market dominated by Android and iOS, won’t be able to install third-party applications outside Windows Store, and the support for the classic desktop interface will be extremely limited.

On the other hand, the tablets powered by Intel x86 chipsets are more expensive, bigger and have less battery life, but they are not so limited when it comes to third party applications and they can be built by any almost anyone. It is likely that the less popular manufacturers will build cheaper Windows 8 x86 tablets, which aim to please the user’s desire to use desktop PC applications without limitations.

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