Windows 8 Release Date Is October 2012?


Windows 8 Release Date Is October 2012?

The rumors speaking about the release date of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, have been confirmed by several trusted sources: Windows 8 release date is October 2012.

Microsoft is working hard to finish Windows 8 before the summer ends, preparing the ground for the launch of the new operating system, sometime in October 2012. Windows 8 will be available for both Intel x86 and ARM platforms.

Trusted sources quoted by Bloomberg press agency, reported that the launch of Windows 8 will be synchronized with the debut of 5 tablets and 40 computers pre-loaded with Microsoft’s new operating system. Microsoft plans to combine the slim and light structure of the tablets based on ARM architecture with the versatility of Windows 8, in order to create a redoubtable weapon against Apple’s supremacy on the tablet market.

Until the new operating system makes an official debut, Microsoft allowed the users to test Windows 8 Consumer Preview version. If you haven’t already got your paws on it, you would be able to download it by following this link. Windows 8 will feature an online store filled with free and payed applications, similar to Apple Store or Google Play services.

Even though the newly surfaced information confirm what analysts expected, we still have to wait until early April, when Microsoft will host an event for its industry partners and will unveil new details about the new operating system, for a more precise Windows 8 release date. The October debut for Windows 8 confirms Microsoft’s long-term plans: one new operating system each three years.

Even though Microsoft officials have refused to comment about the matter, they previously reported that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 8 version for ARM platform synchronized with the debut of x86-based machines version. Even so, the company’s ambitions to conquer the tablet market is questionable due to the lack of variety in Windows 8-powered tablets line-up.

What’s even worse is that Microsoft’s stringent requirements over hardware configuration might isolate the Windows 8 tablets in the high-end, thus expensive, segment. Next to the four or five ARM-based tablets running on Windows 8, several models with x86 chipsets might also see the light of day: heavier, bigger and more expensive than their cousins running on Android or iOS. Thus, the simple presence of Windows 8 might not enough to make the customers form huge lines to buy tablets running on Microsoft’s latest platform.

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