Nokia To Dramatically Redesign Windows Phone 7 User Interface?


Nokia To Dramatically Redesign Windows Phone 7 User Interface?

Nokia is changing the Windows Phone user interface. The Finland-based company has a “special” partnership deal with Microsoft, which allows their devs to customize the Windows Phone Metro UI.

The Windows Phone interface, the main reason why the smartphone users choose Microsoft’s mobile operating system, is going through some changes. Well, at least on the Nokia WP-powered devices, writes Pocket Now.

I am sure that you remember that when the Nokia – Microsoft partnership deal was announced, the Finns were allowed to redesign the Windows Phone user interface. For the time being, the Nokia Lumia line-up, first introduced in October 2011 at Nokia World event, doesn’t come with an unique UI. What you can see in the gallery below is a set of sketches, belonging to one of Nokia’s top graphic designers, which never saw the light of day. Nokia’s employee that sketched the Windows Phone UI below is the same who is ”responsible” for Nokia 909 PuerView’s interface, but meanwhile he joined another company, Accenture, in September 2011. Anyway, he still kind of works for Nokia, as Accenture is a company that is working on the development of Symbian.

If at least some of the ideas showcased by Nokia’s designer are applied on the company’s smartphones, then we would be able to enjoy a playful Windows Phone Apollo experience, with reshaped tiles and, apparently, several dynamic live widgets / tiles. Well, after seeing the sketches, the journalists from Pocket Now contacted Microsoft’s officials, who answered that they are unfamiliar to the UI and that the company is not working with this particular designer. Nokia also dismissed authenticity of the sketches, saying that they are just a personal project and that they have never been part of Nokia’s plan.

Even though the current Windows Phone Nokia Lumia range comes without redesigned Metro UI, the Finnish phone maker might decide to customize their handsets in the future. Do you believe that a Windows Phone interface redesigned by Nokia is a good idea? Please let us know what is your opinion on Nokia’s project in the comments section below.

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