HTC Android Smartphones To Come Pre-Loaded With LogMeIn Rescue App


HTC Android Smartphones To Come Pre-Loaded With LogMeIn Rescue App

HTC has signed an agreement with LogMeIn over installing Rescue software on the company’s Android smartphones. This will allow HTC to fix some serious or minor problems remotely that owners are unable to fix. The company said that this will allow tech support employees to save time, and to improve the life of the users as they won’t have to return the device to the store where they bought, and wait several weeks to be fixed.

The Taiwan-based company announced that it’s going to install LogMeIn Rescue on all Android smartphones across the world in an attempt to improve the user experience. Support personnel will not be able to run a diagnose without the consent of the user, but when something is wrong, they’ll be able to see what the user’s device shows on the screen, and to fix whatever problems are bugging the user.

The Android manufacturer added that this is a very useful software, and it will work just like its popular PC version. HTC announced that the LogMeIn Rescue service will be available for free. For the moment, it’s unclear whether HTC users will be able to uninstall the application or if they’re going to be stuck with it.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes packed with an ability which allows the user to uninstall any unnecessary “bloatware” that comes pre-loaded on the smartphone. This means that if a carrier adds its own applications, you will be able to remove them unlike in previous versions.

HTC said that the carriers will also have to approve the application, however, we doubt that any mobile operators will refuse to pre-load LogMeIn on future Android smartphones because this is an important feature that could make the difference for some consumers.

We really hope that HTC will employ great customer service personnel as the consumers wouldn’t appreciate if their smartphone would somehow be factory reset or if some multimedia content will magically disappear.

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