Android Tablet Sales To Overtake iPad Sales By 2015, Say Analysts


Android Tablet Sales To Overtake iPad Sales By 2015, Say Analysts

A few days ago we showed you an infographic that showed the iPad’s fall on the global tablet market, which in one and a half years lost more than 36% in market share. Analysts say iPad’s market share will continue to drop over the next years, finally loosing the supremacy of the tablets market.

Today we are talking about some interesting statistics recently published by IDC, a market research firm that analysed the evolution of the tablet market in Q4 2011. In Q4 2011 Apple had a market share of 54%, a dropping 61.5% compared to Q3 of the same fiscal year.

The study shows that iPad’s market share drop was caused by the debut and ascension of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, a 7-inch Android-powered tablet with a price of only $199. The low price and the decent technical specifications helped Kindle Fire gain a market share of 16.8% in Q4 2011. Amazon’s 7-inch tablet quickly became popular because of its price, simplicity and familiar Amazon experience. Moreover, this impressive performance was reached almost exclusively on the North American market, as it took some time until Amazon Kindle Fire became available for purchase in other countries of the globe.

Because of Amazon’s cheap device, the Android tablet segment had a market share increase from 32.3% to 44.6%, and for the time being Android and iOS own together 99.3% of the market. The remaining 0.7% are split between RIM with their BlackBerry PlayBook OS (which recently received a well-earned update), Microsoft with their Windows tablets and other mobile operating systems. On the other hand, HP’s WebOS disappeared from statistics after the US-based company halted the TouchPad project.

IDC’s forecasts say that Android will overtake iOS as tablet market leader by 2015, but Apple’s income from this segment will continue to be bigger than Android’s in 2016.

Even so, you should know that IDC’s statistics are counting the number of shipped products and not those that ended up customer’s hands, thus there are lots of uncounted tablets still lying on the stores’ shelves.

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