Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Release Date Is April 8th, Courtesty Of AT&T?


Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Release Date Is April 8th, Courtesty Of AT&T?

Until now, there has been any official statements regarding the release of the new Nokia Lumia 900 in the US. However, a lot of rumors floated around. Some said that the release date will be March 18, others April 22. The latest rumor actually comes from someone who posted at the Verge forums. The guy says that he is an AT&T employee and he is almost sure that Lumia 900 will be launched on April 8th.

To be more clear, this person claims that he works as an assistant manager at and AT&T store in California which is getting ready for the Nokia Lumia launch. Also, as far as he knows, the device will be released on April 8th. His affirmation is sustained by the fact that the sales representatives are required to take part at trainings  on the Nokia 900 which normally means that the launching will come pretty soon.

If you ask me, this is kind of awkward because with April 8th being a holiday, I guess that most AT&T location won’t be open. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the device can’t be ordered by phone. Another user said that Nokia hadn’t declared anything about the Lumia 900 release on AT&T, though they did said that the date will be soon and the customers won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, it seems that the finalized software of the device is ready, thus it won’t be long until it will be released on the market.

Last hour rumor: the same person who posted at the Verge said that April 8th is the day when Nokia Lumia can be ordered online or by Phone and as of the 9th the phone can be purchased from the stores. It would be better if AT&T would enlighten us with some official information because, after all, anyone can say absolutely anything on the Internet, thus there isn’t any rumor that we can fully trust.

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