Mozilla Firefox 11 Now Available For Download


Mozilla Firefox 11 Now Available For Download

Although the launch was scheduled and announced for March 13th, the debut of Firefox 11 from Mozilla was delayed due to security reasons.

The team that developed Firefox 11 needed an extra day to investigate a vulnerability report and any possible conflicts with a Microsoft Security Patch that was released in the same day. Mozilla chose to delay the launch of Firefox 11 in order to make sure that the new Windows updates are not affecting the performance of the web browser. Another reason for the Firefox 11 delay might be a vulnerability discovered by a security specialist.

As a whole, Firefox 11 integrates a set of minor changes. It improves the support for Chrome bookmarks and settings migration, is more compatible with Growl 1.3 and certain support features of the CSS scripts have been enhanced. The new Firefox update allows you to synchronize the extensions you use on other computers.

The new Firefox update also comes with a feature called Forget This Site, which deletes from your history all the traces left by a certain website. All user who would like to switch from Chrome or Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox can now do it more comfortably as Firefox 11 has a feature that allows you to migrate your bookmarks, history and cookies, meant to ease your transition to the new browser.

On the other hand Page Inspector 3D View is a feature that might prove to be very useful for the advanced users and Web developers. This feature allows you to view the a web page’s structure from a 3D perspective, where the constitutive elements are organized visually, so you can easily understand the website’s structure. This feature can be activated in Mozilla Firefox by right-clicking inside a web page, then choosing Inspect Element and pressing the 3D button. You should also know that your machine must have WebGL compatible graphics in order to work with the Page Inspector 3D View.

If you are a Firefox enthusiast you can download the new version from here, else you would be notified to update your web browser in the next couple of days.

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