Apple Working On iPad Mini With 7.85-inch Slim Bezel Display


Apple Working On iPad Mini With 7.85-inch Slim Bezel Display

A couple of months ago several rumors saying that Apple is preparing the launch of a 7.85-inch tablet have roamed around the web.

After some documents of Samsung (the supplier of the Retina display) partner bank have revealed the existence of a 7.85-inch display built for an Apple device, two days ago a Samsung official confirmed for Korea Times that Apple will launch an iPad tablet with a smaller display (likely 7.85-inches) by the end of the year.

But since we are talking about an “anonymous” Samsung official, we might be looking at made up news which were inspired by previous iPad Mini rumors.

It’s less than one week since the announcement of the new iPad and rumors speaking about a new model have already hit the web. Today we are talking once again about the iPad mini, an iOS tablet with 7.85-inch display and ultrathin surrounding edges, which makes me think about that iPad mock-up most of you have seen ahead of the new iPad launch.

Digitimes is the website that brings new details about this iPad mini, and they hardly miss when it comes to Apple rumors. Thus we learn that the Cupertino-based company is working on a device with a 7.85-inch display, but it seems it won’t feature Retina technology, in order to cut the production costs. It seems that Apple wants to launch a market rival for Amazon Kindle Fire, a tablet that bit a big chunk of iPad’s market share.

Rumor has it that Apple will retail the iPad Mini for between $249 and $299. Still I personally find it hard to believe that a company defined by elegance, good taste and huge prices would launch an iPad “for the masses,” but the target customers for the new iPad Mini might be the educational segment and emergent countries. In order to make their new tablet count on the low-end market, Apple should come with new technologies or with a new design, and the idea of a slim bezel or edge-to-edge display sounds interesting.

Until a few days ago the launch of an iPad tablet with smaller device looked impossible, but the new wave of rumors speaking about a 7.85-inch iOS tablet confirm that Apple is testing at least one such product.

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