Official: The Limitations of Windows Phone “Tango”


Official: The Limitations of Windows Phone “Tango”

Last week, Microsoft released the new Windows Phone “Tango”, but the information it gave was rather fuzzy because the exact restrictions weren’t specified. Therefore, it updated its website in order to include all the new features and limitations that will be introduced in its low-memory device. The first manufactures to launch Windows Phones which have only 256MB of RAM will be Nokia and ZTE. As you may know, “Tango” will have restrictions for both uses and developers.

So, here you are, all the limitations of the low-end budget devices. First of all, the Windows Phone Marketplace restrictions – the applications which require memory (processor-intensive apps) can’t run on such phones. The second limitation is that the users of the 256MB of RAM phones won’t have the possibility to watch video podcasts or manage podcast subscriptions. Further, the Bing Local scout is disabled on Windows Phone “Tango”.

Also, Mango’s fast application switching feature (also known as multitasking) is not available on Tango. The SkyDrive automatic photo upload won’t work though, the photos can still be uploaded manually. The users of the Phones with 256MB of RAM won’t be able to play video compressed with some codecs. Finally, the background agents features has been removed in order to clear RAM for the foreground.

But the phone doesn’t only have limitations. It also comes with several improvements such as multiple file attachments in MMS, a features which allows you to record voice and video clips and send them, the SIM contact management has been improved and a new location alert icon.

Also, a new blog entry for developers has been published by Microsoft. The blog includes various recommendations for Windows Phone developers on how to optimize their apps in order to work on the new devices. The key messages were lowering memory usage and startup optimization. Also, Microsoft recommends developers to handle feature reductions like application switching and removing the background agents.

The blog article’s writer, named Mike Battista, recommended developers to use the 256MB emulator in the SDK to examine the applications with the same runtime behavior as a 256MB sporting device.

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