Instagram Android App in the Works, Network Reached 27 Million Users


Instagram Android App in the Works, Network Reached 27 Million Users

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard about Instagram, you should know that this software it’s a photo-sharing application that has become very popular for any iOS device owner in the past few years. How popular this application is? Well, according to its developers it seems that at the SXSW Interactive conference, held yesterday in Austin (Texas) it had more than 27 million registered users.

During the conference, the TechCrunch editor Alexia Tsotsis managed to have a small chat directly with the Instagram co-founder named Kevin Systrom, where she found out that 67% of the registered users who have been active in the last few days, used the Instagram application yesterday.

The well trained editor tried to squeeze more information from Kevin Systrom about those rumors that the company value has raised from $40 million to $500, but the only thing she got was this statement:

“Good companies are always fundraising, but we’re trying to create a long-term, viable company that doesn’t come and go with fads. It should be something that lasts and creates meaningful value.”

One of the most interesting moments of the SXSW Interactive conference was the one when Systrom started to quickly wave on-stage the upcoming Android application, but, unfortunately, he refused to give as a full demo. Their excuse was that the application wasn’t quite ready for a full walkthrough yet, but they assured us that our good friends from Android were really surprised when they’ve seen how it works on their platforms.

Even if they focused on scaling the Instagram application only for iOS devices at the beginning, the co-founder Mike Krieger said that the Android version will much more better, giving the fact that they have much more experience now.

Instagram was first launched in the fall of 2010 and even if it had its ups and downs it turned out to be a very successful application after all. At first the application was a location sharing experiment, but after a while Systrom and Krieger realized that they really can’t compete with other similar applications like Foursquare or Facebook Places, so when the iPhone 4 arrived they decided to borrow some features of the paid camera application (Hipstamatic) and create a similar one but with social features. The new Instagram corroborated with the iOS ability to produce network effects became the perfect combination.

After this drastic change the application shortly became one of the best photography applications available on the market and giving the fact that it was free it managed to raise more than 25.000 users just in one day. A few months after that Systrom and Krieger were the happy owners of a $7 million A Series company.

Lately there are a lot of good things happening to Android users. The Android market is now Google Play and it features books, games and music too. Also some great titles are coming to Android, like the Angry Birds Space.

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