The New iPad 3 Receives Plans / Price Tags From AT&T And Verizon, Unofficially


The New iPad 3 Receives Plans / Price Tags From AT&T And Verizon, Unofficially

Just two days ago, Apple has introduced the 3rd generation of the most popular tablet on the globe: the iPad. Simply entitled iPad or as fans like to call it, the new iPad 3, this gadget has brought substantial improvements on the technical side while its design basically remained the same. When announced, Apple has mentioned to launch the slate on March 16th with the starting price of $499,99 for the unlocked model but there were news regarding carrier branded version. Yesterday, Verizon and AT&T almost broke the silence by letting the crowd know how much will they pay for 4G speeds on the iPad, depending on the plan they select. Unofficially, at the moment.

In a few words, those wishing to enjoy network connectivity at LTE standards with the new iPad will have to pay substantially. Both carriers offer pretty much the same costs for the same traffic rates, AT&T focuses more on those that use fewer bits off the internet, while Verizon goes for traffic enthusiasts.

For example, if you consider yourself a person that only navigates on a couple of websites, uses YouTube occasionally and checks a Facebook account frequently, AT&T’s 250 MB plan will only burn $15 off your pocket. On the other hand, if you like to download everything that catches your glimpse Verizon has a handy 10GB per month plan, which costs $80. For everything between, both telcos offer a 3GB and 5GB plan, for $30 and $50 per month.

On the downside, Europeans will experience premium rates like none within US borders, T-Mobile offering even 40GB for $50 and other international carriers as well.


Although the rates are unofficial, the information being extracted right from Apple’s website and not trough Verizon / AT&T speakers, speculation of a price agreement between the two is heard around every corner.

VIA Engadget

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