Apple Announces iPhoto for iPad, While iMovie, iWork and Garage Band Get An Update


Apple Announces iPhoto for iPad, While iMovie, iWork and Garage Band Get An Update

So, they’ve launched the new iPad 3. Happily, the guys from Apple aren’t stopping as they are also releasing several new application for their product. iPhoto is one of them. It might be an older application, but there is nothing wrong in revamping it from time to time. The truth is that iPhoto has been an iconic photo for some time and it really deserved a “reinvention”. The even better news is that the application is already available for $4.99 and it comes packed with dozens of features such as effects, direct beaming, bezel gestures and multi-touch editing.

Other included functions which can be mentioned are the possibility to tweak the exposure and saturation, also it allows you to adjust white balance and you can add notes, captions and geotags. Another impressive feature the renewed iPhoto is the Journal. Using this function the users will be able to select any images they want and push them to iCloud so that they can be viewed on the internet.

It’s very interesting and I think it’s far from being a coincidence because the Apple’s announcement is kinda following the competitive offering of Adobe.

But to get back on track, Apple also announced other important updates in order to complete the circle of iLife, so they said that applications such as Garage Band, iWork and iMovie have been updated. The new iWork uses the Retina display of the new iPad and provides 3D charts. Also, each individual application meaning Pages 1.6, Keynote 1.6 and Numbers 1.6 are already ready to be purchased for $9.99 (in case you already have the applications, you can get the updates free of charge).

iMovie, on the other hand, can be purchased for $4.99 and it also comes with something new. The users will be able to make trailers out of their HD movies and they will take advantage of some new advanced editing tools.

The final app is Garage Band which includes a brand new function named Jam Session. The function allows you connect your iOS device along with three of your friends. The connection is wireless and enables you to play together in real-time. Garage Band is available for $4.99. Again, if you already have it, you can update it for free.

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