iPad Losing Market Share In Favor Of Android Tablets


iPad Losing Market Share In Favor Of Android Tablets

Yesterday, at a press conference in San Francisco, Apple presented the new iPad tablet. A lot of buzz have been created around the launch of the next-gen Apple tablet, but now after it was officially unveiled many of the brand’s fans seem a bit disappointed. Except for the awesome Retina Display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution the new iPad is a bit unimpressive, as Apple’s “innovations” are no where to be found.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iPad is loosing ground on the tablets market due to Android’s continuous growth. Since Q2 2010, when Apple and their iOS tablet had a market share of 94.3%, Android tablets have continued to bite big chunks of the iOS device’s market share and in Q4 2011 it was the Android-powered slates have been reported with a market share of 39.1%.

The chart below indicates how many tablets were shipped in each quarter. As you can see for yourself in Q2 2010 the iPad dominated the tablets market, and the sales continued to skyrocket over the next time-frames. In Q2 2010 the tablets based on other operating systems had a market share of only 5.7% with only 0.2 million units sold, compared to Apple’s shipments that reached 3.27 million units.

Thinks have changed over time as Apple’s main competitor, Google’s Android OS was reported with a market share of 39.1%, while the iOS-powered tablets only held 57.6% of the market pie. The bar-chart indicates that Apple shipped out over 15 million units while the other tablet vendors sold about 11 million units.

Anyway, whether it’s a coincidence or not, the iPad’s share on the tablets market have dropped after Steve Jobs’ death, a leader known for his anti-Android approach.

Summing up, in one and a half years (Q2 2010 to Q4 2011 time frame) Android-powered tablet’s market share have increased from only 2.9% to 39.1%, while iPad’s dropped from over 94% to 57.3%. Now the other main mobile OS sharing the 42.4% of the tablet market pie is Windows with 1.5%. Apple with their iPad tablet is still the leader of the tablet market, but will they be able to stay in the lead in the near future?

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