App Store OTA iOS Download Limit Increased To 50MB, Some Apps May Include Free Trials


App Store OTA iOS Download Limit Increased To 50MB, Some Apps May Include Free Trials

In the past few days we were concerned by the new iPad’s Retina Display as the device’s touchscreen has 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The reason why we were concerned is because apps would become bigger, and the iOS 3G/CDMA download limit was set to 20MB. Most new HD apps would get well over this limit, and we suspected that Apple will increase it at least up to 30MB. Well, the company addressed the developers’ and our concerns and as a result, the over-the-air download limit has been increased to 50MB per application.

This is a good decision as a small app with HD graphics would reach at least 35MB. Anyway if you are looking to download something larger than 50MB, then you will be required to connect to a nearby WiFi network. It’s a “security” measure as if there were no such limit, then you would eat your data plan immediately, and the rates are too high once you go over the limit.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users should be aware that the over-the-air download limit isn’t restricted to applications and games, it also includes multimedia content including videos, songs, podcasts, playlists, and others.

Another good thing lies beneath the new Apple Privacy Policy which suggests that some publishers may even offer free trials alongside paid apps. This is a common practice in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as most applications are free-to-try so that you can see whether they’re worth buying.

Please note that the 50MB download limit is available for devices running on iOS 5.1 therefore we suggest that you upgrade to iOS 5.1 as it comes packed with several other improvements and features including a camera app shortcut on the lockscreen, and bug fixes that address the battery life problems. More details can be found here.

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