iTunes 10.6 Now Available For Download


iTunes 10.6 Now Available For Download

In addition to launching the new iPad and iOS 5.1, Apple has also introduced a new version of iTunes in order to make the new iOS device compatible with iTunes. As a result, users worldwide can now download iTunes 10.6 free, and get several new features including improved iTunes Match support among others.

Even if you don’t own an iOS device, you should install this update because you’re going to get improved song matching, and better album artwork download process. iTunes 10.6 users will notice that albums artwork will be displayed properly from now on.

Download iTunes 10.6 now, and you’ll also get full HD video support in order to be compatible with the new Apple TV which does 1080p video. This means that you will be able to watch 1080p HD videos on your Apple TV, and this includes all TV shows which support such resolution. The new Apple TV is based on iOS 5.1 and it’s powered by an Apple A4 processor.

You can download iTunes 10.6 right now using the link here or simply hit the so-called Apple Software Updater tool. Go ahead, download it, and let us know if you like the new features or if you’d like to get more in the next update!

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