Verizon Installed 4G LTE Equipment In Apple Stores In Anticipation Of iPad 3′s Launch


Verizon Installed 4G LTE Equipment In Apple Stores In Anticipation Of iPad 3′s Launch

The countdown for the release of the third generation iPad has begun. There are only a few hour left. Well, it looks like Verizon Wireless is preparing for it and it’s rumored that it has begun installing LTE network equipment at the retail stores of Apple.

There are many sources which claim that at today’s media event, Apple will make a big announcement. According to the sources, the hardware giant will announce that the new iPad will have 4G LTE support. It seems that the rumor is actually true because a teaser from Verizon stated that “something is coming”. He didn’t actually mention the LTE support, but this is probably it.

Other sources say that over the last few days LTE equipment have been installed at Apple’s retail stores. However, any other details remained scarce. Apart from that, other tipsters said that “plain clothes contractors” were sent by Verizon with the purpose of upgrading the network infrastructure at specific Apple locations, although these tips were never confirmed.

Verizon is known to be the leader of the LTE market in the United States as 200 million customers are using its 4G network. The only rival company that have created an LTE network in the US is AT&T, but they only managed to reach 74 million customers. As claimed by Reuters, the intention of Apple us to make the LTE network to attract more customers into spending more money on watching high-quality videos on mobile devices. An iPad with 4G support could reach very high download speeds and they could be much more faster (up to 10 times) that a current iPad that is using 3G technology.

With the approach of the media event of Apple, some of the analysts debated the possibility of an iPad with 4G support. Some sources said that the company worked on improving the battery life for devices that use 4G network and that it has made notable progresses. This is probably because most of the tablets and smartphones using LTE technology have been criticized due to the fact that their batteries were drained very fast when the 4G was activated.

Last year, Tim Cook, an Apple Chief Executive stated that the company hadn’t introduced LTE as the implementation required a lot of design compromises. Nevertheless, it looks like Apple has managed to deal with the issues and now they are ready to launch LTE with its new iPad. And if Apple will really announce it, it will be a real blast on the mobile device market and the competition will soon have to upgrade their products ┬áin order to keep up with the American company.

We will keep you posted with other news about Apple’s media event which takes place today at noon.

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