iOS 5.1 Golden Master Build Passes “Quality Assurance” Testing Phase


iOS 5.1 Golden Master Build Passes “Quality Assurance” Testing Phase

Apple has put iOS 5.1 under extensive testing in the past couple of weeks in order to prepare the update for the launch of the iPad 3 or iPad HD. The next-generation iPad will run on iOS 5.1 out of the box, however, the update will also become available for download on older devices including the iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPad 2, iPad, and many others.

According to a source, the Golden Master version of the update has received a lot of good feedback from the testers, and only minor changes have been made in the last three weeks. The Golden Master build is the so-called release candidate that companies put up for download, and which may or may not be changed at all before its release on the “market.”

The latest Golden Master build has received a couple of more features including support for Japanese in Siri personal assistant, and a method for entering the camera application directly from the lock screen. Other features that haven’t been mentioned are said to have been included, but we’re not going to know for sure until the iPad 3 announcement event that will take place in a couple of hours at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

The Gold Master version of iOS 5.1 is codenamed Hoodoo and its build number stands at 9B176, said a source. He said that if enough features will be added, then the iOS 5.1 update will actually be iOS 5.1.1 even though this would be very much “unlike” Apple.

Some folks said that they already have the latest iOS 5.1 build, but we have reasons to doubt that as Apple doesn’t usually give away something like this. Well, like said, we are going to find out the full details in the coming hours as the iPad 3 will finally become official along with its Retina Display and 4G LTE chipset.

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