Google Play Officially Replaces Android Market, Google Music, And eBookStore


Google Play Officially Replaces Android Market, Google Music, And eBookStore

With a surprising move, Google is gathers all their applications, books, music or movie store under one umbrella: Google Play.

Now Android Market, Google Music and Google Books are all gone as the search engine giant unified all the aforementioned services under name, Google Play. Besides downloading applications and buying music, now you can rent movies and use the cloud computing services all reunited under one service. All the former services have been rebranded, and now they are called Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, etc.

We finally found out what Google Play is. A week ago we witnessed how Google bought the domains associated to the new brand and almost everybody believed that it’s all somehow linked to the launch of a Nexus tablet. Today we discovered that Google Play is actually a step in the natural Android Market evolution, which now grew up and offers music, movies, books and applications, all stored in the cloud.

Google Play will allow you to store up to 20,000 songs, free of charge, and buy millions of other new songs. Using the same service you can download over 450,000 apps and games for Android OS, download loads of e-books and rent thousands of HD movies, including the latest titles. Starting today Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore will all be registered under Google Play. The main strength of the new Google Play is that you can access all your songs, apps and movies from any tablet, laptop, smartphone or any other terminal synced with the new Google service.

In order to celebrate the launch of the new service, Google have cut off the prices for many of the music albums, e-books, movies and Android applications. The Android users will be able do download the aforementioned content at a special price for the next week. “Where’s May Water,” (video game) “Puncture” (movie) and ”Now that’s what I call Music 41″ (music album) are all available in Google Play at a special price of 25 cents each.

Google’s official blog reports that, for the time being, Google Play will offer music, movies, books and apps in US, while in Canada in Great Britain, only movies, books and apps will be available in Google Play. Books and apps can be downloaded from Australia and the Japanese will enjoy only movies and apps. The rest of the world will only be able to grab apps from Google Play, but things may change in the near future.

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