Microsoft Office 15 Gets Previewed, Shows Its Love For Metro UI


Microsoft Office 15 Gets Previewed, Shows Its Love For Metro UI

The new Office 15 is on its way and Microsoft is testing a Technical Preview of the version. The company have given a few third-party partners the access to the code of their newest office productivity suite, but unfortunately Microsoft are keeping the silence regarding the suite’s precise features. However, if we take a close look at the posted screenshots, we can see that it has a clean and simple interface similar to the tiled Windows 8 which is about to be released this year.

Anyway, due to some people who got a peek at the Technical Preview code, today we can give you some of the details and enhanced functions of the main applications of Office 15. The new suite includes several new improvements and features that range from Reading Mode and Touch to the Outlook’s Weather Bar.

Now, let’s talk about their new word processor application meaning Word 15. It’s clear that Microsoft has focused on the reading and writing experience, so it included a brand new Read Mode. Using this mode, the user will be able to read texts more easily because there are ┬áno more distractions from the interface and the text automatically reflows into columns in order to fit the screen. You can use the Read Mode with the Resume Reading feature which has the ability to automatically bookmark the last position of a document.

Apart from this, Word 14 also packs new functions such as Object Zoom and Expand and Collapse. As you probably expect, the Object Zoom enables you to zoom on various objects and images. All you have to do is double-click on the item and your screen will be filled with images, tables and charts. On the other hand, the Expand and Collapse feature is not so interesting as all it can do is to give you the option to reveal or hide paragraphs under their heading.

When it comes to Excel, Microsoft wants to make the new version be easier to use especially by the people who are required to view large data sets which they are working with. One interesting features is the new Quick Analysis Lens. This can be very handy when you want to quickly access ways to represent data in a visual mode. Also, the PivotTablles and Recommended Charts can help you obtain the best method tp visualize specific info based on data patterns. In case you have a tablet instead of a normal PC or Laptop, you will find the Touch Mode to be very useful because it allows you to browse items such as graphics, tables, charts just using your fingers.

As for PowerPoint, it looks like Microsoft intends to set the 16:9 presentations as default in version 15. The company wants to make sure that the users of PowerPoint 15 will be able to create designs and presentations in a professional way and to give them a cinematic appeal. Actually, the modification was kind of obvious considering that nowadays most monitors are widescreen.

There are other Office applications which have been improved such as Outlook and One Note, but we won’t mention them right now.

The conclusion is that Microsoft has implemented several new features and enhancements to the new Office 15. The thing is that Microsoft just began to test their product and we should expect other extra novelties. They don’t want to discuss the features they are planning, but those presented here are clearly part of the key testing phase for the Technical Preview.

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