AT&T And Verizon Getting iPad 3 4G LTE Without Quad-Core Support


AT&T And Verizon Getting iPad 3 4G LTE Without Quad-Core Support

Today is a big day for the Apple fans all over the world, as the Cupertino-based giant is set to reveal the next generation of iPad. A lot of iPad 3 rumors have hit the tech blogs lately and many of the tech enthusiasts are a bit confused at the moment. To be honest, we are confused, as well, as it’s a tough job to figure out which rumors are accurate and which are part of a sci-fi plot.

The Apple event in San Francisco is only hours away and the guys at The Verge come with a new set of details about the products that will be introduced later today. Previous rumors indicated that the iPad 3 / iPad HD will not be the only product launched by Apple at the upcoming event. A new and improved Apple TV will be there too, pleasing the Apple fans that spend a lot of time in front of the TV.

Quoting “sources familiar to the mater,” The Verge journalists somehow confirm that iPad 3 will come with Retina Display and 4G LTE baseband chip, more RAM will be included but the new Apple tablet will not feature a quad-core SoC. It looks like the rumors suggesting that Apple is working on an improved version of the dual-core A5 chip, codenamed A5X, were accurate enough. Maybe Apple would place a more powerful graphic processing unit into their iPad 3 in order to handle the amazing 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution of the Retina display. Regarding the alleged quad-core A6 chipset, it looks like Apple plans to introduce it along with the new iPhone 5 smartphone.

There are good news and bad news about the 4G LTE support of the iPad 3. The good news is that US’ biggest carriers, AT&T and Verizon (both with LTE infrastructure) will announce the tablet tomorrow. The bad news is that three versions of the iPad 3 will hit the market: two with 4G LTE capabilities (one for each of the aforementioned carriers) and another one, a global model, compatible with GSM/3G/CDMA networks.

Rumor has it that the new and improved Apple TV will debut today, as well. It will come with an enhanced processor and will have full HD skills. As you probably know, the previous model was only able to play 720p movies.

Will the new iPad 3 be the real deal or it will be just another disappointing device like the iPhone 4S? We’ll be able to see later today, as the Apple event in San Francisco is about to kick off.

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