Ford To Send MyFord Touch Interface Upgrade To About 300,000 Owners


Ford To Send MyFord Touch Interface Upgrade To About 300,000 Owners

Many Ford cars are coming packed with the so-called MyFord Touch interface, and the company said that the owners will get an update at some point into the future. This was a little confusing for the owners as software updates are kinda hard to install, and it takes years until they’re ready to function properly. Well, Ford has done its homework and there is a new MyFord Touch update available for the owners.

Sadly, you cannot download it yourself, put it on a USB, and then install it on a compatible car, but Ford promised that it’s going to send a USB stick into your mail in the following weeks. If you can no longer wait for the USB to arrive then you can schedule an appointment with your local Ford dealership, and they are going to take care of the proceedings.

Please note that not all Ford owners will receive a USB stick in the near future, only the folks who bought a car in 2011 or 2012 that contained the MyFord Touch interface. The update was previewed last year by both Ford and Microsoft.

The Redmond-based company is the one who designed the MyFord Touch interface, and coincidence or not, many owners criticized it. They said that the interface is very hard to use, it’s confusing, and very distracting. Ford listened to the owners’ demands, and an upgrade was inevitable.

According to Microsoft, the new interface version comes packed with “major” usability chances, speed improvements, and many others. The second version of the MyFord Touch interface will be available “out of the box” in cars like the 2013 Flex, Taurus, and Escape.

The new version doesn’t seem to sluggish, and hopefully, they’ll no longer confuse the owners. Speaking of which, 56% of the people who bought a MyFord Touch-compatible car said that the interface was one of the main reasons why they bought the car.

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