Facebook Messenger For Windows 7 Now Available For Download


Facebook Messenger For Windows 7 Now Available For Download

Facebook has finally introduced Messenger for Windows 7 after the application has been leaked several times last year. It is still unknown why Facebook delayed such an application for so long, but it’s better to happen later than never.

Facebook Messenger for Windows entered a beta stage earlier this year, but the final version is now available for download free using the link here. A similar application was already available on mobile platforms including iOS and Android, and it allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, share your location, photos, and video chat directly into the app.

The sad part about the Windows 7 version of Facebook Messenger is that it doesn’t support video conferences therefore you cannot connect your webcam to the computer, and allow your friends to see you. Also, like said, the application is tied to Windows 7, and it doesn’t work with other Windows versions like Vista or XP.

Facebook says that Messenger for Windows 7 will give you the ability to chat with your friends while doing other things, respond to chat inquiries directly from the desktop, and get instant notifications. In addition, you can click on whatever you want to, and the connection will not be lost.

The instant notifications are not tied down to chats, as you can also find out whether some liked your comment, tagged your photo, or if there are any new comments on one of your photos. We invite you to download the application, and to let us know if you like it. Now you won’t have to open your browser to chat with your Facebook friends as you’ll only have to open Facebook Messenger!

The social network promised that a Mac OS X version will become available for download soon, and that the application will also get some upgrades in the near future which will bring a plethora of new features.

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