Apple’s Next iOS Tablet Will Be Called iPad HD, Not iPad 3


Apple’s Next iOS Tablet Will Be Called iPad HD, Not iPad 3

A report citing sources familiar with the matter says that the next-generation iPad that will be announced tomorrow during an event in San Francisco is going to be called iPad HD, not iPad 3 like the popular belief. This is not the first time we’ve heard the name, and we’ve always said that it would be the most logical name for an iPad with a high-definition display.

There is no secret that the next iPad will feature a 9.7-inch Retina Display at a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels which means that it falls into the HD category. There is no point in naming it iPad 3 as Apple has always given suggestive names that had a role and a special marketing purpose.

If it were to ask me, then I’d say that the iPad 2 was the only iOS device without a proper name, but Apple probably didn’t bother to think of a special marketing-friendly name considering the fact that the competition was very poor.

A developer who has given good information in the past said that the next iPad will definitely be named iPad 3 rather than iPad 3, while a different source also confirmed the moniker. Griffin, an iPad case maker, has had its upcoming cases leaked on a website, and the product listing suggested that the cases will support the iPad HD (3).

Another developer is also listing his application as compatible with the iPad HD therefore the only huge problem is whether Apple has the trademark rights for the moniker. is already taken, and the owner of the domain said that he bought before the tablet was launched, and that Apple has never got in touch with him.

Other iPadHD domains from various TLDs are also taken so if Apple won’t get a hold of them, then this is the only reason why the next iPad may be called iPad 3.

After the iPad 2 was introduced last year, an Apple document was leaked suggesting that the tablet’s successor will be called iPad HD, however, it may have been easily faked or it was just an internal codename. The iPad HD announcement event will take place tomorrow, and we’re going to report the name as soon as Apple unveils the new iOS tablet therefore you should stay tuned!

What do our readers think? What will be the name of the next iPad? Let us know in comments!

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