iPad 3 Or HD Will Come Packed With A 4G LTE Chipset, Says Insider


iPad 3 Or HD Will Come Packed  With A 4G LTE Chipset, Says Insider

Since Apple announced they are hosting an event on March 7th in San Francisco, most of the tech websites are speaking about the Cupertino giant’s future products. Even though Apple haven’t unveiled what iDevices will debut in San Francisco, rumor has it that the new iPad 3 will be introduced at the Apple event, along with an 8GB iPad 2 for the low-end segment.

Everyone is trying to guess what products Apple will present on March 7th, lately. The result? A lot of rumors about the next-gen iPad tablet are hitting the web ahead of the San Francisco-based event. Today, another rumor adds to the long list of rumored iPad 3 technical specifications list. It seems that the new Apple iPad 3 will be compatible with the 4G LTE standard.

This piece of information comes from an “inside source” that had a chat with the guys of iMore. Unfortunately the 4G LTE support was the only feature unveiled by the “mole.” Anyway we’d advise you not to get too enthusiastic about the iPad 3 4G LTE support as we can’t take this rumor for granted, even though I personally believe it’s time for the iDevices to come with LTE chip as the 4G standard is available at most of the US-based carriers.

Previous rumors also indicated that the iPad 3 will sport Retina display with an impressive resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Because of the resolution of the Retina display, the apps developed for the new device would be bigger, thus it was speculated that Apple will increase the 3G download limit from 20MB to 30MB.

Even though the rumors related to a quad-core chipset placed inside the iPad 3 were somehow dismissed by some leaked information about a improved dual-core A5X CPU, it is said that the next-gen Apple tablet will feature an 8 megapixel camera. It was also reported that the new Apple slate is going to be called iPad HD instead of iPad 3, as it was previously believed.

If the rumor about iPad 3 supporting LTE is true, then the next-gen Apple tablet would become the first iOS device to handle the 4G standard. Anyway, it’s best to wait a couple of days more and see what Apple hid behind the iPad 3′s case before rushing into conclusion.

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