Nokia To Bring PureView Technology On Windows Phone Devices


Nokia To Bring PureView Technology On Windows Phone Devices

At Mobile World Congress 2012 event in Barcelona, Nokia have unveiled a Symbian Belle-powered smartphone that features a fabulous 41 megapixel camera. Almost everybody is talking about this device, many saying that it’s a pity that the aforementioned technology was implemented on a dying mobile operating system.

Thanks to the 41 megapixel camera and the PureView technology, Nokia 808 PureView have won one of the Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012 award. Anyway, it seems that those unhappy about Nokia 808 using Symbian Belle now have new reasons to joy, as they the PureView technology could be integrated on the Nokia’s Windows Phone devices.

One of Nokia’s officials confirmed for a Finnish publication that the company he works for is planning to introduce the PureView technology into a smartphone belonging to the Windows phone tribe. Of course, the Nokia official haven’t specified the release date of the new PureView handset, but we expect it to debut later this year,

The PureView technology presented by the Finland-based company in Barcelona, together with the Symbian Belle-powered Nokia 808 smartphone will be placed into the Windows Phone smartphones. The aforementioned technology was highly appreciated at the Spain-based event, where it was showcased on a 41 megapixel Symbian Belle smartphone. Nokia said that their new technology eliminates the image noise, and allows you to zoom in without loosing the quality of the picture.

Now that the Finnish company focused most of its efforts on the Windows Phone smartphones, it’s normal that their devices running on the Microsoft platform to benefit from Nokia’s latest technology. It seems that Nokia worked at the PureView technology for 5 years, and now they wore able to bring it on Symbian. The next step it would be to integrate this amazing technology on their coming smartphones running on the Windows Phone 8 platform, code named Apollo.

I am eager to see the Nokia PureView technology on duty, as the sample photos and videos I’ve already seen have excellent quality. With Nokia PureView technology integrated on a Windows Phone, we won’t be able to call it a cameraphone, but a camera-smartphone that could easily replace a compact digital camera.

According to Jo Harlow, Nokia’s Senior Vice President, the company can’t unveil the exact release date of the Windows Phone PureView smartphone, but it’s not too far away.

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