Sony Working On Windows 8 Smartphone?


Sony Working On Windows 8 Smartphone?

The Mobile World Congress 2012 event in Barcelona shut its gates a couple of days ago after it let us take a quick peek at the upcoming releases in the tech world.

Every big smartphone and tablet manufacturer was there to introduce their latest gadget apparitions. Samsung was there to present their Galaxy Beam smartphone and the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, HTC came to unveil their latest smartphone line-up, dubbed One, LG showcased a new range of stylish smartphones, the L-Series, and a couple of 3D devices.

At the same impressive event we were able to witness the transformation of the Asus company. The Taiwanese unveiled the new Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 and Transformer Pad 300, along with the awesome Asus Padfone device that is set to hit the market in late 2012.

At Mobile World Congress Microsoft presented and launched the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version. Oh, talking about Windows 8 Consumer Preview, if you haven’t got your paws on it yet, you can go ahead and grab it from here.

Anyway, it seems not all the manufacturers have presented their future projects, as reports that Sony is planing the release of a Windows 8-powered smartphone. At the Spain-based electronics event, the Japanese company have presented the new devices that will soon join the Xperia line-up, but haven’t talked about any future Windows 8-powered releases.

Microsoft planned a fierce attack for the smartphone and tablet market, and the Windows Phone-based smartphones were the first wave of devices set to increase Microsot’s share on the mobile market. Following the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, the Lumia line of WP-powered devices have bit a big chunk of the smartphone mobile OS market share.

Now it seems that besides the strategic allies like Samsung, LG and HTC, Nokia is seen as the savior of the Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Rumor has it that Sony will soon join the manufacturers that produce Windows-powered smartphones, as it was reported that a Windows 8-powered smartphone lays on the working table of the Japanese company.

Anyway, we’ll see whether the rumors are true or not, as I am pretty sure that if this alleged Windows 8 Sony smartphone really exisits, we would be able to see leaked photos and specifications in the near future.

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