Windows 8 Consumer Preview Downloaded More Than 1 Million Times In 24 Hours


Windows 8 Consumer Preview Downloaded More Than 1 Million Times In 24 Hours

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released for download on February 29th worldwide. Microsoft hold a big event at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in order to introduce the next-generation of its most prizes assets: Windows 8. The company has reasons to be proud as the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 has been downloaded more than 1 million times in under a day.

The announcement comes from one of Microsoft’s official Twitter accounts, @BuildWindows8, which represents the Building Windows 8 team. The Twittverse welcomed the announcement as Microsoft fanboys were quick to note that Apple’s Mountain Lion hasn’t managed to reach that amount.

The Redmond-based company feared that Windows 8 will not be able to reach the same popularity levels as Windows 7 which has become the best-selling operating system of all time. However, as many fans are already convinced by the potential of this OS, many critics have given some negative reviews as they were unable to make the Metro UI work alongside the Desktop mode.

I’ve installed the Consumer Preview version and I’ve got to say that it was easy for me to go around Windows 8. One of the important factors that allowed me “to master” Windows 8 is because I’ve already used Windows Phone 7, and the Live Tiles user interface is similar.

Have you downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview? What do you think about it? What about the Windows App Store? Let us know about your initial W8 impressions in the comments section below!

P.S. If you haven’t done it already, then you can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview here.

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