How To Flash HTC Sensation Using Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 ROM Firmware ( Tutorial Guide )


How To Flash HTC Sensation Using Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 ROM Firmware ( Tutorial Guide )

The HTC Sensation users finally received an update that will help them flash the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 version. The new release is most commonly known as the Android Revolution HD 6.2.1 ICS Firmware build and it isn’t an official release and its creators aren’t HTC. There are reports telling that this new build is extremely stable and you shouldn’t have any trouble installing it on your HTC Sensation phone.

HTC Sensation has been launched in May 2011 for the Uk markets, while the US edition was available from June 2011 and it was first HTC device that was packed with support for HTC’s 3.0 UI. Prior to its release, Sensation was codenamed as Pyramid and only in April 2011 it was announced its official name. It was launched with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the stock OS. Support for the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 has just been added and by reading the instructions listed in this post you will learn how to successfully update your HRC Sensation to Android 4.0 custom ROM firmware.

The Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 ROM Firmware has been created by mike1986 and in this article you will find instructions on how to successfully install it on your device, but before you progress to the tutorial guide you need to learn what tools and pre-requisites you need for the process to go without problems. Please note that for this guide to work you need to know your way around the rooting process and what it stands for, because if you’re a novice that you should ask a friend that is more accustomed with flashing and updating ROM firmware. Please note that Geeksailor won’t be held responsible for any damage done to your phone and you should only apply these changes at your own risk. Now, before we move to the tutorial guide you need to know how to correctly prepare your HTC Sensation for the updating process.

Please note that this tutorial guide works only with HTC Sensation smartphones, which means that the HTC Sensation XE isn’t supported, as a tutorial guide for it should be released soon. So, do not attempt to flash other devices, beside the HTC Sensation phone, as you might brick them and then restoring them might not be that easy.

The best features of the Android Revolution HD 4.0 ICS Custom ROM firmware are the following ones: tweaked SDcard, support for GPU UI rendering, enhanced RAM, speed optimized, latest version of BusyBox, root support, fully enhanced and improved, added script for battery auto-calibration, bloat ware apps were disabled, system applications upgraded to the latest editions, enhanced camera performance, Adreno220 greatly improved for the best performance and quality, tweaked the data, cache and system partitions mounting, added Advanced Power Menu and CRT Animation tools, fully de-odexed, enhanced battery life, support for Open VPN, 4EXT Recovery, support for replacing HTC boot animation, zip aligned etc.

Now that you know this, it is time for you to learn what you need to do in order to correctly prepare your HTC Sensation for the updating process:

  • you need to create backups of all the data currently stored on your device because upgrading to a new firmware might delete or corrupt all your data.

  • make sure to save all your SMS texts, call logs, contacts, audio and video files, APN and MMS Settings. These can be found by opening Applications, then Settings and select Wireless and Network and then Mobile Networks and select the option that says Access Point Names.

  • charge your phone so that the battery level minimum is over 80% so that it won’t turn during the updating process.

  • enable the USB Debugging Mode.

  • remove and uninstall all the Antimalware / Antivirus applications that you have currently stored on your computer because these might interfere with the installation process.

  • HTC Sensation should be rooted.

Also, make sure that your device features the following tools. In case these aren’t installed then it is strongly recommended that you download and install them on your HTC Sensation; the apps are: Clock Work Recovery has to be installed and rooted, S Off and 4EXT Touch Recovery should be installed.

I think that this was all that you needed to know before starting to upgrade your HTC Sensation phone to Android 4.0 ICS Revolution HD Custom ROM firmware.

How to update HTC Sensation using Android Revolution HD Custom 4.0 ICS ROM Firmware:

  1. First thing that you need to do is to download the ICS Android Revolution Custom ICS Package. Save it on your computer.

  2. Download Super Wipe Package . Save this one on your PC also.

  3. Turn off your HTC Sensation and then power it back in Recovery Mode. It can be done by pressing both Volume Down key + Power button.

  4. When the device is powered ON go ahead and select Boot Loader using the Power key button.

  5. When in recovery mode, you need to ┬ábackup the working ROM. Choose ‘Backup and Restore’.

  6. Now choose these two selections: Wipe data/factory reset and Wipe Cache partition.

  7. Select ‘install zip from SD card’, then go to ‘choose zip from SD card’.

  8. Select the ‘Super Wipe Package Script’ and then you will need to select the ICS Android Revolution 4.0.3 Package, the one you downloaded at step 1.

  9. When the HTC Sensation has been successfully update to the new custom ROM you need to choose the options that says ‘reboot system now’. This will restart your device. Please note that this might take a while but, if it takes way too long then you should repeat all the steps again because you might’ve skipped a step or something went wrong without you acknowledging that.

  10. After the phone boots successfully you need to restore all the data you have backed up before starting the updating process.

  11. Make sure to restore the correct APN settings for your phone. This will enable internet connection support for your HTC Sensation.

Now that you have completed all the above steps, it means that the updating process went accordingly to plan and now, the HTC Sensation you own feature the custom Android 4.0.3 ICS Revolution firmware. This update has been labeled as one of the most stable. If something went wrong and for whatever reason you didn’t manage to complete all the instructions, please use the comments field to let us know.

Please note that Geeksailor cannot be held responsible in case your phone got bricked or you lost important data. That’s why you need to always perform a backup every time you root or update your phone to a new custom ROM.

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