How To Sideload Applications For Android Devices


How To Sideload Applications For Android Devices

Do you want to take advantage of the frequent giveaways in Amazon Appstore, or you have found out new and appealing apps on the Android Market and can’t wait to install them? Unfortunately you keep getting messages saying that your device isn’t compatible with the application. This deficiency is getting even more annoying if you own an Kindle Fire as you find yourself stuck with the Amazon’s limited Appstore. But here we provide a solution for your trouble, begin sideloading application your Android handset.

Find Some Application to Sideload

As you may already know Android application come in the form of .apk files so you can get them from a prior hardware backup, directly from the developer’s website or from the world-wide web. In the first place the main reason for sideloading application when trying to find them from a location different from the usual one, which is the Android market or some other app store. The next move is to transfer those .apk files from your computer to your Android device either by a cloud service like Dropbox, USB transfer, microSD card or whatever way you may find. All you have to do is remember where your files get stored so you do not have to root through too your device in search for those files.

Proceed To Applications Settings Tweak

It is very well-known that Android OS by default does not allow the installation of non-Market apps, so in order to change that navigate to your Settings in your Android device, under Applications, check the unknown sources box which will allow you to sideload. I am not gonna lie, there are some Android devices which do not allow sideloading at all, so in this case you have to arm yourselves with patience and try to root your device or install custom Android ROMs, but as you can see this is a complete new story.

Use A File Manager To Install the Applications

Install your .apk applications using a file manager program as numerous Android devices come with a file manger preloaded. For the rest of you not so fortunate, you can find on the web a great number of file managers and at least one dozen of great free ones. We recommend the use of Rhythm Software’s File Manager HD for Honeycomb tablets or Metago’s Astro File Manager, and if you find yourself trapped in your Amazon Appstore using Kindle Fire or Grid10 we recommend ES File Explorer program.

Just launch your file manager and find the .apk files, if you have used a microSD card you will probably have to hit the program’s Up button several times and find the Removable directory. The Package Installer is getting opened by clicking on an .apk icon, there you can touch the Install button to finish the job. Now you should be ready to complete your tasks and enjoy your sweet freedom of internet navigation.

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