How To Create Free iPhone And Android Ringtones From YouTube Videos


How To Create Free iPhone And Android Ringtones From YouTube Videos

Have you ever wondered how to transform a Youtube video into a ringtone for your iPhone or Android mobile phone? Check out this article and learn how to do it, please note than any Youtube video can get on your mobile phone as ringtone. You can do all that without paying a dime, requires no signups etc.

All you have to do is connect your iPhone or Android phone to your PC and then browse Youtube for a video, then you are ready to make it exactly your style.

Convert Youtube to MP3

Check out this Youtube sound, looks like a great addition to either mobile phone sound profile, wouldn’t you think so? But you can not download it and since we do not want to pay for it we can strip this video from this sound using and online service. Get your ringtone now, but first let’s learn how to do it.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Youtube video to the clipboard then go to and visit this great service. The process is simple and takes few seconds, paste the URL into the text input bar, choose normal quality and then click Convert. Besides some popup advertisement that may take few seconds the process is quite simple and straightforward, soon you will see a link that will take you to another page where you can download your MP3 audio file.

It will take but few seconds and you’ll have your MP3 file, you can opt to keep the same title as the Youtube video or you may rename it.

Trim and Edit your Youtube Audio

If you want just a small portion of your Youtube MP3 as ringtone you may have to edit and trim it. You can use Audacity to edit sound files which can be done for free. With useful freeware application and these howto articles you gonna be able to create your own ringtones in few easy steps, not only from Youtube videos but also from other MP3 audio files.

Download Audacity application from HERE.  Now you can create an Android Ringtone from your Youtube MP3. To make your Android phone use your Youtube MP3 file as ringtone has never been more easy as the mobile OS from Google can recognize any sound file as ringtone, so it requires no conversion to a ringtone file. Proceed by connecting your mobile phone to your computer.

If you do not already have a Ringtones folder in your root directory of your SD card we recommend you to create one, so start by connecting your phone to your PC. After creating the folder you can drop the converted Youtube mp3 into this folder, then proceed to changing your ringtone under the Sound and Notifications item from the settings menu.

Make your iPhone Ringtone from your Youtube MP3

It this case you should start by finding or adding your Youtube MP3 to iTunes as Apple mobile phones are a bit more complicated as they only use M4R files as ring tones, so let’s create our ringtone using only iTunes. It is quite simple anyway, click on the ringtone MP3 in your iTunes browser and then select Create Apple Lossless Version. Soon after iTunes is to create a duplicate version, in M4A format, at this moment you should right-click this new one and opt for Show in Windows Explorer. Rename the file and change the extension from M4A to M4R, but before that you will need to click YES to change the filename.

Now your iPhone should recognize your ringtones, so double-click it to add to iTunes, so you can find it under the Ringtones tab in your Library. Connect your Apple mobile phone and browse in iTunes for the ringtones synced to your device if you want to add it to your iPhone ring tone, so select Sync Ringtones and pick the ringtones you want to add to your mobile phone. Now simply click Apply.

Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone, and eliminate those default Apple ringtones.

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