How To Remove / Uninstall AV Protection 2011 ( Virus Removal Guide )


How To Remove / Uninstall AV Protection 2011 ( Virus Removal Guide )

AV Protection 2011 is a virus that uses fake alerts to make computer users think that their systems contain malware files and it asks you to download and install its ‘anti-virus’ utilities in order to fix the PC. All the alerts and warnings displayed by the AV Protection 2011 are fake and you shouldn’t have trusted them, because by clicking them you triggered the download and installation of its malicious files and if you wish to remove all of them, then you have to read this entire post and the instructions listed under the virus removal guide. This virus needs to be uninstalled as fast as possible because by delaying the removal, AV Protection will damage the Windows OS installation and that will mean that you will be forced to re-install the operating system. Before we can start to delete this virus, you need to learn more about it and what it does and how it managed to infect your computer.

This malware is part of the Rogue WinAVPro group of malicious software and it is very similar to OpenCloud Security virus and several other infections whose only purpose is to trick users into buying some bogus application and pay for non-existent tools. Such programs are titled Ransomware, programs that install without approval and then it states that for it to stop controlling your computer’s functions you need to purchase other tools. Such alerts are only displayed after this virus attempts to run a Scan and when you reach the results screen, you will be shown another alert that tells you to purchase an extra application that will remove the infections. Obviously, this is a false recommendation and you should ignore these types of messages. The only purpose of this infection is to trick PC users and it tries to steal money from them.

You shouldn’t trust any messages displayed by AV Security 2011 and, in case you did try to pay for this application, then you should immediately contact the credit card company and tell them to cancel the order because you purchased a malicious utility and you are the victim of a scam and you wuld like to get all your money refunded. This infection blocks all the installed programs that are currently present on your PC and it does this because it tries to protect itself against any type of virus remover. This means that first we will have to force this virus to stop working in background and you will learn how to do it by reading all the instructions listed under the virus removal guide.

All the virus infections associated with the Rogue WinAVPro malware family will try to install another small virus, called a TDSS Rootkit or ZeroAccess rootkit, an infection that will change the search results shown by the installed web browsers and, it does this, in order to minimize the chances of you ever finding a solution that could help you delete the AV Security 2011 virus. However, all the steps can be found in the virus removal guide but, before moving on to its first step, you need to prepare the computer for the malware removal process and you need to it because this infection changes numerous settings of your computer and we need to make sure that all conditions that will ease our work are met and we will manage to delete all the AV Security 2011 virus files without risking any damage being done to your system. Also, this malware might change the Proxy Server settings of all the installed web browsers and because of this you won’t be able to use the infected PC to download the required virus removers. All the info that you need can be found below and you should make sure that all the preparation and removal guide steps are applied, because otherwise you won’t manage to remove this infection.

Prepare correctly your system for the AV Security 2011 virus removal process

All the instructions listed under this preparation guide should be applied because otherwise you might be forced, once you reach the final step, to repeat all the actions because the virus wasn’t completely removed as you had skipped a step or two. Here’s what you need to know:

  • this virus removal guide and all the steps listed here should be printed out or you can open this article on another computer and and read all the instructions from its screen. You need to do this because you will be asked to stop from running all the Windows processes and programs, including the web browser. I suggest you use another PC or a laptop.

  • it is possible  that AV Security 2011 has blocked and disabled download functions of all web browsers and because of this you might be forced touse another computer and download removal programs using that one and then you will need a USB memory drive to move the real anti-malware applications on the infected PC.

To remove correctly the virus you need to perform all the steps in Safe Mode with Networking and here are the steps you need to take for Windows to boot in this mode:

  • turn the PC power OFF.

  • power the system back on and when the very first screen is about to close, you should start pressing the F8 repeatedly.

  • this launches the Windows Boot Options.

  • select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and then pres Enter.

  • now you need to wait until Windows manages to load all the necessary files for the boot to be successfull.

  • when the Safe Mode desktop appears move to the next part of this virus removal guide.

The virus infection changed the proxy server options and we have to restore them back and then you can browse the Internet. Here’s how to do that:

  • Start the Internet Explorer.

  • Click on Tools and then Internet Options.

  • Click the ‘Connections’ tab and after that press on the LAN Settings button.

  • Now, at the LAN settings screen make sure that the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ option box is un-ticked.

  • Click Ok to apply the settings and then close Internet Options.

How to remove AV Security 2011 Virus using Malwarebytes’ and

Now that you know all there is to be known about this infection, it means that we can move on to the first step of this virus removal guide.

  1. First we need to block and terminate all the AV security 2011 malicious processes from running and for this to work we need to use (download link). Save its launcher in the infected PC.

  2. Start and wait for it to complete its task. Please note that AV Security will try to block Rkill using fake alerts. You should ignore the AV Security 2011 fake warnings while leaving them running and then start to repeatedly launch Rkill until it will manage to stop the virus software. If you notice that Rkill struggles and the virus cannot be terminated, you should download and run one of the following tools: iExplore.exe / eXplorer.exe. These two small utilities are clones of Rkill and one of them will eventually stop the malware program. After that happens you need to move directly to the next step without restarting the computer.

  3. Now that you managed to block this virus from running, we need to scan your computer for the ZeroAccess / TDSS Rootkit infection. That can be done by visiting the  How to remove Google redirects or TDSS rookit page. Complete all the steps listed there and then return to this post and continue with the rest of this virus removal process.

  4. Get the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware application, or MBAM, (download link). This is a powerful malware removal and it will help you detect and delete all the AV Security 2011 virus files. Save the Malwarebytes’ setup installer on your desktop screen. After the download is complete you need to close all the running applications.

  5. Install Malwarebytes’ without editing its default installation settings. Click the NEXT button and when you reach the final screen of the installation wizard make sure that the ‘Update Malwarebytes’ and ‘Launch Malwarebytes’options are both selected and only then click the ‘Finish’ button. Do not restart the PC.

  6. Now, Malwarebytes’ starts the automatic updating process and when that is completed you will be notified via a confirmation dialog. Click Yes and then MBAM loads the Scanner menu.

  7. Select the ‘Perform Full Scan’ option and then press the ‘SCAN’ button. Now MBAM starts to search in all system files and folders and all the AV Security 2011 files will be detected. Please note that the scanning process takes a while before it will be completed. When the scan is complete and malwarebytes’ has detected all the malware you will be shown a confirmation dialog. Click OK and move to the next step.

  8. MBAM displays the Scanner screen again in order to view what it found click the ‘Show Results’ button.

  9. Select all the virus infection files found and then hit the ‘Remove Selected’ button. Now wait for all the malicious files to be removed.Malwarebytes’ might ask you to reboot the PC, but his action is optional as you can wait for the removal process to be completed and only when this ends you can choose to restart it. When Windows resumes from the scanning process MBAM will complete the deletion of AV Security 2011 malware.

  10. After the AV Security 2011 removal is complete, a scan log is opened in Notepad. Read it and then close Notepad.

  11. Close Malwarebytes’.

Now you need to make sure that all the infections were removed. Restart the PC and then boot it in Windows normal mode. Launch Malwarebytes’ and start a second scan and hopefully the scan results returns empty and then you will be able to say that this guide was successful. From now on you should start to be more careful with the web pages you visit and avoid opening or launching any other suspicious online pop-up. Try using an ad-blocker and avoid clicking on any bogus links. If you have any other questions regarding the AV Security 2011 then you should post them in the comments field and I will try to help in the best way I can.

If you wish to keep your PC protected against other malicious attacks then you will need  a powerful antivirus program so that your PC and by doing this you will ensure that your system is safe and secure. If you can’t think of any reliable and powerful anti-virus program then you should upgrade the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software to PRO version and, MBAM will surely keep away any malware attacks.

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