3 Best Ways To Stream Video To Your Websites


3 Best Ways To Stream Video To Your Websites

As a general rule you should know that when it comes to streaming a video live in Windows 7 to any website there are some accounts that need to be created. You are required to have users on sites like:  LiveStream, Ustream or Stickam. A nice feature offered by LiveStream and Ustream is that you have free software that enables your computer to capture and then resend audio and video material on a live stream to any channel. On the other hand Stickam allows you to capture a stream directly from other sites like Ustream. Regardless of your choice, you will be provided with a widget code that can be on a later date embed into HTML code. This action will enable your website to make live streams directly from Windows 7 platform computers.

We will begin by presenting LiveStream and the capabilities of this method:

  1. You start by making a log in your LiveStream account.

  2. Go and enter the My Channels section.

  3. Notice there will be an the “Embed” button next to the channel you wish to stream. Click on it!

  4. Choose the widget that fits your needs. You can configure it by changing different things like the layout, color and size.

  5. Right click on the code provided in the Grab Embed Code text box. Select to copy the text inside.

  6. Now open your website in the usual HTML editor that you are using to edit it.

  7. Right click and just paste all the code copied earlier. Make sure to always paste the code in the right place you want the live stream widget to appear.

  8. Save your work. Notice that the widget live stream windows should appear on your website.

  9. In order to begin steaming, you need to launch the Procaster software on your computer. In there a “Go Live” button is present and should be pressed in order to get the action going.

Another place that might fit your need is Ustream. Let’s see the tutorial about this website:

  1. As in the previous case log in your account on the Ustream website. Click on the channel name.

  2. There is an option that allows you to embed the video player on the channel page. Click on it!

  3. There is a “Copy Embed” button  that allows the user to see the widget embed code.

  4. Select all the present code and make a copy of it by right-clicking and selecting “Copy”.

  5. Enter with the help of your HTML editor the site where you want the widget inserted and press paste. Again be sure to have it in the right place of the site.

  6. Right click and select Paste in order to insert the desired widget.

  7. Save the changes you made and then update the site. You should now be able to see the widget.

  8. In order to finalize the process launch Ustream Producer software on your computer. In there, click the “Broadcast” button.  Notice that the video will start streaming in the newly installed website widget.

The last product I want to talk about is Stickam.  This is a very easy way to do things and here are the required steps:

  1. Log in your Stickam account. After entering all the required credentials go and enter the Edit Profile menu.

  2. From the options presented select My Players/Embeds. Click on Get Embed Code option which is located next to the widget layout you want to use.

  3. Select all the code inside and then make a copy of it from the menu.

  4. Open the site in your normal HTML editor

  5. Right click inside that editor and just paste all the code copied earlier. Again be sure to paste it in the right place.

  6. Save the changes made and be sure to update the site. Notice that the Stickam streaming widget should be now present.

  7. Go to the Stickam website and click the “Go Live” button. This is located on the top right corner of the site.

  8. Press “Start” and your streaming should begin instantly.

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