How To Change Boot Manager In Linux


How To Change Boot Manager In Linux

When it comes to choosing an OS that fits the most common needs, I think the majority of users avoid choosing Linux just because of the false impression this would be a hard OS to handle. I can assure you that with the right knowledge this is by far one of the most stable operating systems a computer can have. And if you don’t think you can handle it there is always the option of installing a second one that would solve some of the problems.

We call this procedure dual-boot and in general I recommend having both Windows 7 and Linux on a computer. There is somehow the problem of changing the boot loader from Linux to Vista for example. This means there are a few changes that need to be done, changes explained in the next guide:

  1. You begin by opening an instance of the Terminal in Linux. In there just type “sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst” as a command. This will make Linux open a file on your screen. Make a copy of all the text inside that file.

  2. Now make a click on Places,” followed by “Computer” and “XX Media”. In this case “XX” is the amount of space the user has available on their Windows 7 partition. Make another Notepad file and this time paste the text copied earlier. Make sure you are saving this file under a name that can be easily remembered and make a reboot of your system.

  3. You also need an app named EasyBCD. This can be easily found on the internet and needs to be downloaded. After the installation is made open the program. This action brings up a single dialog box.

  4. Make a switch to the “Manage Bootloader” tab. In there, click on “Write MBR,” ensuring that “Reinstall the Vista/7 Bootloader” is filled in.

  5. Make another switch to the “Add/Remove Entries” tab. Inside it, click “NeoGrub,” followed by “Install.” There will be a small delay followed by the NeoGrub bootloader that requires to be installed. Also another option will be pop-up and will be under the name of: Configure. Make a click on it in order to bring another dialog box.

  6. At the second step we created and saved a Notepad file. Open it now and copy the content inside. Paste that content in the new dialog box and save it, completing the process.

And that is about all that you need in order to change the boot manager from one operating system to another. Something that I need to pin point would be that normally when you reboot the computer there is the option to pick Windows 7 or Linux. Notice that normally Windows 7 is set as the default choice. This happens mainly because Microsoft made Windows 7 in such a way that “it thinks he is the only OS”.

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