4 Main Uses Of .msp File Extension


4 Main Uses Of .msp File Extension

On a number of occasions I had to handle files with the .msp extension. For the advanced users there are well know format files but for the most of you this is an unknown extension. This type of file applies to at least four different programs that are installed mainly on a PC.

The main function is for Windows patches and images although there are some cases where these are assigned to certain server script. The majority of scripts are used by people who write code for Internet use.

We will begin by discussing about Windows Installer Patch. As a general rule Windows patches with the MSP file extension are created and installed in order to update the Windows OS and the applications inside. I remember that at some point people from Microsoft presented these files as self-contained packages that hold both the application changes themselves and at the same time some information about what version of Windows they should be installed on. For these files we recommend using Microsoft Windows Installer in order to open them.

In some cases simple Paint Bitmap images are involved. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft Paint is in fact a native application for Windows OS, software that allows image files to be saved and stored in a range of formats. When it comes to Pain, the MSP file extension represents monochromatic bitmap images. Some older clip art images also have this extension on. Among other third-party apps that would open a Microsoft Paint MSP we note Corel PaintShop Pro X4 and Serif PhotoPlus X5.

Moving into a more advanced sector there is the MaxScript. This is in fact a Windows Web-based script that has usage mainly in Web servers. In a basic MaxScript file a user will find HTML code and other text code. At the same time this MSP files has the option of being edited with any text editor. As a general rule all these files communicate with data sources like DBF files and support the retrieval of dynamic content for the Web. Applications like MAXSIS DBmax and MAXSIS DBfree are able to open this type of file.

The last place where you will find this type of file is in Apple software. iPad creators use this file extension for ClarisWorks and AppleWorks programs. Inside you will find dictionary data which is accessed when the spell checker is used. In this case each language has its own MSP file. To give an example, if you are searching for Spanish words, you will be searching in the Spanish MSP file. In order to open this sort of file, a user needs to have installed AppleWorks and ClarisWorks. At the time we published this article both of these apps were discontinued.

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