How To Remove Or Change Forgotten Windows Log In Password


How To Remove Or Change Forgotten Windows Log In Password

You might encounter some issues with your password or even you might forget it when attempting to log in your Windows account. If that happens, the solution is to change your password with a reset. In case the computer is on a workgroup you will have to ask permission from the administrator in order to access it. When you are on your own local computer, things are simpler when it came to the process of changing a password. It may be reset using a Password Reset Disk or an Administrator Account.

If you want to use a Password Reset Disk, follow the steps below:

  1. Search on the login screen for the “Reset Password” option and press it.

  2. Store on any type of removable media as a USB thumb drive or on a CD your “Password Reset Disk” and insert it into your computer.

  3. In the Password Reset Wizard you will find drivers for the Password Reset Disk. Choose the correct one.

  4. Continue by creating a new password.

  5. Choose a safe place to store the Password Reset Disk. You will be able to use it again if you encounter other issues with your password.

If using an Administrator Account to reset your password, follow the steps below:

  1. Login as Administrator and access “Control Panel” option from the “Start” menu.

  2. Once get there, select the “Manage User Accounts” option and then type the Administrator password.

  3. In the “User” tab you will have to select the account name and then, the “Reset Password” option.

  4. Continue and type the new password and then click “OK” in order to validate it.

  5. The final step will be to log off from the Administrator account and to login to your account, using the new created password.

You might consider also creating a Password Reset Disk in order to make sure that you won’t lose of access to your data. While choosing a password, is advised to use one that you can easily memorize. Use a password hint that will help you to identify your password. It might be either with the form of a personal reminder or as a note.

If resetting a password know that using an Administrator account is more harmful than using a Password Recovery Disk. When using the first option you will lose access to any encrypted data while using the second option will do no harm to any files.

It is a difference between resetting a password and changing it.

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