How To Add Custom Fonts On Android OS Base Devices


How To Add Custom Fonts On Android OS Base Devices

There is a general rule that all Android devices should come with only three default typefaces: Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif. Although not many, these are enough for the majority of people. And this happens mainly because they are very easy to read and always work well with the Android operating system. After using them again and again you will probably notice that after some time they become a little stale.

For Android users that also have their devices rooted things are going to change because they have the possibility to replace these typefaces with other TTF or True Type fonts. By doing so, they are able to fully customize the look of their Android device. Here is what you need to do in order to have customized fonts:

  1. You begin by opening a web browser. Now go and navigate to a website from where you can get some TTF fonts for download. There are numerous sites out there from which I need to remember: Free Fonts, Font Freak and Fonts 101. After searching through the big databases and finding a font that fits your need just download it on your computer.

  2. Now in order to transfer data to your Android device connect it to that computer via a USB cable. After the device appears as a removable drive double-click it. This action will open the root folder located on the device’s SD card. Search for the TTF font you downloaded in Step 1 and then just move them into the root folder located on your SD card.

  3. Now in order to install that font you also need to install something to manage the space inside your phone. Tap on the “Market” icon located on your home screen. In there tap on the Search option and write inside “Root Explorer”. Press the search button again.

  4. Make a tap on the “Root Explorer” application in the list of search results. Make another tap on the “Install” button and confirm that installation of this application on the device.

  5. Wait for the app to be installed on your device.

  6. Tap the “Root Explorer” icon after the installation is complete. In order to view the components inside the SD card tap on the root folder. Also make another tap and hold over the TTF file in the SD card’s root folder and select the “Copy” option presented in the pop-up box.

  7. Press the “System” folder icon. From all the options presented select the “Fonts” folder. Make a tap on the “Mount R/W” button and paste the TTF file inside.

  8. If you want to install a font, first you have to remove another one. Tap and hold the “DroidSans.ttf” file located in the “Fonts” folder and in the pop-up text select rename. Rename it into something like “DroidSans.ttf.orig.” Make another tap and hold on the .TTF file you pasted in Step 6 and rename this file into “DroidSans.ttf.”

  9. Last but not least tap the “Mount R/O” button to reboot the device. Wait for the reboot process to complete and notice that the new file is already in use. Because of the renaming, this new font will be used instead of the old default DroidSans.ttf font.

Keep in mind that this is a method that works only for rooted devices. Also now that the vast majority of smartphones can be rooted you can benefit from it very easily. There are many rooting tutorials right here on our site.

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