How To Remove Unwanted Background Noise In Windows Movie Maker


How To Remove Unwanted Background Noise In Windows Movie Maker

Audacity is a program that you may use in order to get ride of the background noise from the Windows Movie Maker. That program will import audio very easy from any movie and will allow you also to edit according to your needs. You can then save all the changes you’ve made. Also that is being possible in association with the FFmpeg codec library. If considering using those two software packages you must know that this are free downloads and that are available for Windows computer and also for Mac and Linux ones.

Search for “” website, click on the “Download Audacity” link and after that select the “Audacity Installer” link that you find on the next page. To access a new download page, click the “FFmpeg Import/Export Library” link and then, in order to download the audio codec library setup file, click the “FFmpeg Installer” link.

After you downloaded both files from the Audacity website, double-click each executable file and start running them. Choose to run them separately and by doing so you will avoid any conflicts. Also, make sure to install first the Audacity file because only after the process is completed, you should run the FFmpeg library setup.

To start the sound editor, double-click on “Audacity” icon from your desktop. Continue by clicking the “File” menu and then selecting the “Open” option. Search for the video file you want to edit by selecting the “Browse” option and after finding it it, highlight the file and click on the “Open” button.

In order to use the Zoom tool, make sure you click the magnifying glass icon. Search the area that has only background noise and no voices or any other sounds you are willing to keep. You will be able to make that search by zooming into the audio wave on the screen. After that, just click the Selection tool icon which is above the Zoom one.

  •             Highlight the background noise area by clicking the cursor at its beginning and dragging it to the right and holding at the same time the mouse button pressed. When you want to stop highlighting, just release the mouse button.

  •             Search for the “Effect”, click it and then select the “Noise Removal”. Click the “Get Noise Profile” button that will appear in the popup dialog box. Then press “Ctrl” and “A” keys at the same time. This that way you will highlight the entire audio selection.

  •             All background noise will be removed if you return to the “Effect” menu. Click “Noise Removal” option, select the “Remove Radio” button and finish by clicking “OK”.

  •             Go to the “File” menu and select the “Export” option. Type in the file’s new name in the “File Name” field, select the “MP3 Files” format and click the “Save” button to complete the process.

To merge audio and video, start launching the Windows Movie Maker program. Then, select the “Add Videos and Photos” icon and search for the video file using the “Browse” option. Once you found the video file, highlight and click the “Open” button.

Search under the “Video Tools” area and select the “Edit” tab and then click the “Video Volume” icon. Continue by reducing the video’s sound volume and by moving the slider switch to the left side.

The next step is to click the “Add Music” icon and to start searching the new saved MP3 audio file using the “Browse” option. After finding it , highlight and click the “Open” option. The video and the audio files must line up perfectly on the timeline and if that condition is accomplished the two should be synchronized.

Return to the “File” menu and after clicking it, select “Save Movie” and choose the output quality that you prefer. Type the new name of the file in the dialogue box and click “Click” button to complete the process.

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