How To Disconnect BlackBerry Devices Without Erasing Data


How To Disconnect BlackBerry Devices Without Erasing Data

With all the fuss made around the new iPhone 4 and with iPhone 5 on the corner people almost forget about other great titles in the phone sector. Let’s say you are a business person that needs to send a lot of emails. Well, I am sure iOS or Android aren’t your pick for operating systems and you will probably turn to a BlackBerry for help. But like all good phones, the device is as better as the user knows how to use it.

For example did you know that you can use the BlackBerry Administration Service application to handle and to manage your BlackBerry devices connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server? If not, here we will provide you with a tutorial in which will show how to do this. As a general rule, know that Enterprise Server connects your BlackBerry device to BlackBerry software. In order to do this, you also need a user account to connect your BlackBerry to the Enterprise Server. After completing all the tasks needed, all you have to do is disconnect your BlackBerry from the server and simply delete the previous mentioned account along with all the applicable service book from the server. Always keep in mind that there is no need of wiping out the memory in your BlackBerry if the user deletes their user account with the help of the BlackBerry Administration Service. That being said let’s see the steps a user needs to do in order to get the job done:

First of all we will discuss about deleting a user account. The steps are the following:

  1. You begin by login in into your BlackBerry Administration Service that is normally located on the server.

  2. Now go and expand the “User” on the “BlackBerry Solution Management” menu.

  3. With a simple click on “Manage Users,” there will be numerous users presented. Just select the user account that fits your need for the BlackBerry device.

  4. Now make a click on “Disable as BlackBerry User” in the “BlackBerry Enterprise Server Status” list. A message will appear saying that “Yes – Disable as BlackBerry User and Remove Information from the User’s Mail System.” Just click on it!

  5. Also go and click “Back to Search”. This will let the user search for the right username. To make a better understanding be sure to look into “Search Users > User Criteria” box.

  6. Select your display name and then click “Delete User” from the “Status” list.

After that being handled let’s move on to the deleting process that involves your service book. Here are the steps:

  1. You begin by pressing the BlackBerry’s “Menu” button and then selecting “Options”.

  2. Now select the “Advanced Options” and from there select the “Service Book.”

  3. Make sure to select the service book from your Enterprise Server. After that you also need to press the “Menu” button.

  4. Last but not least you need to select “delete” from all the options presented.

Always keep in mind that for this process to succeed, the user you are using always needs to have administrator rights.

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