How To Enable The Android-Like Autocorrect Keyboard Bar In iOS 5


How To Enable The Android-Like Autocorrect Keyboard Bar In iOS 5

For millions of iOS users around the world and Apple product fans here are some hidden secret features that iOS holds in its bag. iOS 5 conceals a panorama mode and in addition it hides a secret tool, an auto-correct keyboard bar which is very similar to what you can find in Android. In this article we will show you some tricks and secrets that will make your life a bit more easier.

In the below screenshot you will see how the bar lets users pick from a series of work choices. If you want to enable it follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the following iBackupBot application and launch it.

  2. Backup your iPhone or iPod in iTunes.

  3. Open the application, located the backup and then load it.

  4. Now locate Library/Preferences/  and open the file. In case that your software is not registered you will have to press cancel button and after that it will open.

  5. Next step is to add the following code KeyboardAutocorrectionListsYES , now save your modifications and restore from backup from within iBackupbot.

iOS 5 is an all in one place mobile operating system, and is able to organize all your magazine and newspaper app subscription in Newsstand, which is a folder that allows you to access your favorite publications easily and swiftly. The iOS 5 holds a new place on the top of App store especially for the newspaper and magazine subscriptions and you can get those directly from Newsstand and new purchases are going directly to your Newsstand folder. Also as soon as new issues become available Newsstand is updating them instantly in the background. With this function iOS delivers your favorite newspaper directly your device is like getting it to your front doors, but this only better.

Apple’s products offer some better ways for reminders, so next time you think to yourself I must not forget about this… simply pull out your iOS device and write it down. You can organize your life in to-do-lists write down with locations and due dates anything you must remember to do, let’s say that you have to buy something, worth mentioning that Reminders works with applications such as iCloud, Outlook and iCal meaning that all the changes made automatically is updating on all your devices and calendars.

Capture anything that you want at the moment’s notice, keep the mobile always with you and as it is the best way to capture the greatest moments, and surely these moments are going to be enhanced by the new iOS 5 camera features. From the Lock screen you are allowed to open the camera application, so use grid lines, pinch-to-zoom gestures and all the new features there to make a picture on the fly. Within a split second you can have your photo by pressing the volume-up button. iOS 5 is able to offer a great opportunity by allowing your photos to automatically download to all your other devices, so if you have Photo Stream enabled in iCloud.

Photo enhancements, in just few taps turn your quick pics into frame-worthy pictures. Without leaving the Photos app you can crop, rotate, improve and eliminate red-eye with a simple tap. Right from your iDevice you can organize your photos in albums. Send your pictures taken with your iPhone 4S to all your iOS devices, so when you take photos on your Apple phone, iCloud instantly sends copies to your iPod Touch, where you can swiftly touch them up before showing them off.

With the new iOS 5 you get your badly needed independence for your device, no longer need a PC to own an iDevice like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, right of the box activate and set up your device wirelessly. You can edit your photos or add new email photos on your Apple device, without needing a PC or a Mac as now you can restore your device automatically through iCloud.

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