3 Great Apps To Save Your iTunes On-Screen Activities


3 Great Apps To Save Your iTunes On-Screen Activities

Making a fast print-screen isn’t that hard. But there are situations where the old way of pressing a button and going to paint to edit is not enough. And also what happens when you want to record a video of your on-screen activities? And if we toss a webcam into the mixture more problems appear. In general it depends on the webcam software you are using on your computer. There are cases where this software doesn’t have the required resources to capture your desktop screen activities.

If for example, you wish to recover some iTunes activity with the use of a webcam, my advice would be to use third-party screen capturing software. The options out there are many with many companies offering this type of software. With it, a user is able to capture and also record specific regions on his desktop screen and also the entire desktop if this is the case. But to have these options here is what you need to do. In general I recommend using three apps that have always done the best job in my case.

First there is HyperCam. You can easily get this app from the web. After downloading it here are the steps to capture things on-screen:

  1. Start HyperCam.

  2. Make a click on the “Select Region” button and notice that a large “+” symbol will appear on your desktop. With a simple click and drag action on that “+” symbol, you will be selecting the screen region that you wish to record. By doing so you will be able to record iTunes actions and also your webcam image. If you need only iTunes activities recorded, just lick on “Select Window” button and then select iTunes.

  3. Now click the “AVI” tab at the top of the HyperCam window. After deciding on the file name and entering it in the name filed also be sure to select a destination folder with enough space.

  4. Press the record button in order to begin recording your desktop screen. A nice feature offered by HyperCam is that its window will minimize automatically. After finishing to record just press the “F2” key on your keyboard. This action will tell the program to save the video in the required folder automatically.

Another great software that I have used several times is CamStudio. As the first app presented this is also a very easy to use and fast recording desktop screen app. You can easily download this app from its base website.

  1. Start by launching the CamStudio software. Make a click on the “Region” tab and from there select “Fixed Region” to choose a specific screen area to record. There is also an option to record the entire desktop screen. This can be activated by pressing the “Full Screen” option.

  2. If you need also sound for your movie than this option is available and needs to be activated because CamStudio doesn’t have it by default enabled. You need to go and click the “Options” tab and from all the options inside select “Record Audio from Microphone”.

  3. After setting up the place press the “Record” button in order to begin recording your screen. When all has been recorder click on the “Stop” button to stop. Now a pop up box should appear with the message “Save AVI File” on it. Just enter a name that fits your needs and also be sure to select a destination folder. Pressing the “Save” button will finish the process.

Last but not least is another great app that I have discovered only recently. It is called Freez Screen Video Capture and is an easy to use software with some nice features.

  1. Again you begin by starting the Freez Screen Video Capture application. Be sure that you have checked the box next to “Fixed Region” and then clicked on the “Select Fixed Region” button. Like in the first app presented your mouse cursor will be transformed into a “+” symbol. With a simple click and drag action select the region you wish to record.

  2. In order to have sound enabled also check the box next to “Record Audio”. The sound qualities mainly depend on your recording equipment.

  3. Another box that I advice to check before recording is the “Minimize on Start Recording” option.

  4. When everything is set in place and the recording can begin press the “Record” button. Like in the first program presented, the app will minimize automatically its window.

  5. After all that you need to press “F8” key on your keyboard to stop the process. A box with the “Save To” message will appear. Just enter the desired name and also select the destination folder. Pressing “Save” will finish the process.

In conclusion any of the above presented apps will do the job and let the user have a recording of their activates on iTunes or in a simple window.

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