How To Solve Mouse Cursor Disappearing Issues In Office Word


How To Solve Mouse Cursor Disappearing Issues In Office Word

As you might have noticed, your mouse or cursor disappears occasionally from the screen while you are typing a document using Microsoft Word. That common issue is the result of a few factors that are either, simple and easy to remediate or either more time-consuming. In any case just stay sure that the issue can be solved with the right knowledge.

One possible reason may be the fact that you have moved the pointer off the screen by mistake. It is possible that you may inadvertently bump the mouse either with your arm or with your elbow while typing. In order to make sure that is the case or not look at the screen and move the mouse around the mouse pad. If that was the cause and the cursor was off -screen, you will notice that it will appear while moving the mouse. Although you might find this to funny or silly to happen to you believe me it can happen to all of us.

Your cursor might disappear while using a Word document because you may have a setting that tells it to do so. That common issue can be solved if following the next steps:

  • Go to the “Start” menu and access it

  • Click “Control Panel” and after that open the “Mouse” option by clicking it

  • Then select the “Pointer Options” tab and search in the Visibility section to see if the “Hide pointer while typing” option box is selected.

  • De-select it if it’s the case.

As you might know, using a wireless mouse has its benefits, but also has its issues. It might cease working and when this is the case, you will not be able to see the cursor. This problem is most of the times caused by a bad connection or by a dead battery. In order to solve the connection problem you will have to firmly press the USB connector that is associated with the mouse, into the computer’s port. In order to solve the problem concerning the dead batteries, remove the old ones from the mouse and replace them with new ones that will certainly work.

Another cause that might determine your cursor’s disappearing is a problem with your mouse’s driver. Go to the “Start” menu, search “Control Panel” and open it and then select “Add or Remove Programs” option. Once there, continue by uninstalling the mouse’s driver and proceed to a new installation. Reinstall the drivers by inserting the mouse’s installation CD and by following the on-screen instructions.

If the problem still persist, then the reason could be a bad Windows. After checking all the above mentioned issues you should take in consideration this reason. Usually a fresh installation of your OS solves the problem. If it still persists even after the installation your problem is probably hardware. That is why I advice you to go to the local hardware store in order to be fixed by a professional.

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