How To Fix Samsung Jack’s Broken Screen


How To Fix Samsung Jack’s Broken Screen

For those who don’t already know, the Samsung Jack is a cellphone with a 2.4 inch LCD screen and which is running on Windows Mobile. It was designed with a QWERTY keyboard that makes more convenient to write a message or an email. Any lesion to its screen will embarrass the phone to function properly, that way avoid producing any crack or damage to it. To repair your device and to restore it to working condition, replace the faulty screen with a new one. If considering doing that, make sure you have the right tools, the specialized ones that are used to work with small electronics. You will need a case opening tool, a spudger and a Philips screwdriver.

  • The first step is to turn the phone off and to remove the battery by sliding its compartment from the back of the device.

  • Around the edges of the battery compartment you will notice that are four screws. Remove them.

  • Then, continue by inserting the tip of the case opening tool along the seam. That way you will separate the front from the back of the case by working the tool back and forth around the edges. Continue that process until they come apart. After you have succeeded, put the two halves apart gently and make sure to set the back portion aside.

  • Inside area of the front cover, on the bottom, there are two screws that are holding the antenna. Remove them and lift the antenna out. Use the spudger to disconnect the wire connector of the antenna.

  • On the top of the inside front cover there are three screws that are holding the speaker in place. Remove them too.

  • Use the spudger to disconnect the speaker ribbon cable and continue by lifting off its assembly of the top of the inside cover.

  • At one side of the motherboard you will notice the volume and the power buttons. Pull them off too.

  • On the motherboard you will find also the camera, disconnect its ribbon cable using the spudger and remove it from your Samsung Jack device.

  • Also, using the spudger disconnect the antenna wire that is located on the lower right corner of the motherboard.

  • Use the opening tool to pry up the two flaps that are along the bottom of the motherboard. With the sudger, pull the ribbon cables from the two flaps.

  • The LCD’s ribbon cable needs to be also unplugged from the motherboard and you need to lift it out and set it aside.

  • Remove the LCD screen from the case by inserting the tip of the case opening tool between them and by working it around the edges. Then, continue by lifting the LCD out of the case.

  • With the help of the spudger, remove the damaged LCD screen from its frame and insert the new one in there.

  • Put the Samsung Jack back together by reversing the disassembling process.

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